Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What makes an individual disagreeable?

I clicked my follow button sending me to goyz sites, and I stumbled at one site and saw What I dislike most in people? and I haven't read the whole post but I will resume reading it later. I just don't want to miss the idea flowing in my mind. Someone said to me, "I love your person" [actually from an old friend I've lost contact already]. And I ask that question in my mind. What makes me a better person?

A person should always be true to his words. But if there's a chance or an instance that you might fall short of what you promise, you can always make an effort to explain earlier what possible reason you may have for falling short of what you have had previously promised. Once will always be enough. If the second time around you slid again, I don't know how one will accept your reasoning...bottomline is, don't make broken promises.
Lol, I used to be an Indian-giver. I just hope you get what I mean. Won't elaborate things, so as not to put me in jeopardy. I love Indians, though I have yet to meet one. Peace out! Now I hate doing it na talaga. Pag naibigay ko na, kanya na yon. But not the money matter. If you owe one, the most unpleasant thing you can do is not to pay what is due him/her. That's awfully so so bad. Specially if the lender makes money hand over fist.... naku, he might bend the dang daylights out of your crazy nut. Many friendships has been ruined out of that money dramas, and I hate to become a key player either way.
Ripping off and or pilfering is a no no! Of course it's not acceptable. Have you had a friend who's got itchy hand? Say you invite him into your house, and she stealthily hide your cp. Don't laugh but it do happen a lot. That's the craziest. You only put a big x on your face. You can't blame when one goes leery and wary. There was a time when my cousin, adult hah...male...went to my house to borrow money. Of course I said I was shy of cash...which was true enough. Got some but it was for our subsistence, so I couldn't make a hasty decision putting my budget in mess out of awa. When he was set to leave the house, he saw my caps collection in different colors hanging underneath the stairs. He grabbed the blue-green original Speedo and left mumbling within earshot..."akin na lang toh ate norie..." **!Waaahhh!** :( I felt I didn't know who I was at that moment. Of course I went foaming because I bought that from DutyFree...and it was a memorable day for me because I saw Ms Zsa Zsa Padilla without a trace of make up. Oh my...she's so ako...di niya alam na kunwari may hinahanap ako pero ang totoo ay sinusundan ko siya ng tingin. Hindi naman ako ganun ka-fanatic na magpefreak out sa mga celeb at kainisan na lang . Of course they need some alone private time naman. Shy pati ako eh. Pero guess who I saw when I went to dogfood section? Aaaaayyyy si Dolphy Quizon!!!! With some dilly-dallying attempts to go near him...naku kinapalan ko na fez ko...and went like, Mang Dolphy ang gwapo n'yo pala talaga sa looking so young talaga, pero in murmur lang hah, nakakahiya kasi. And he said while smiling..."hindi naman masyado" :) Pidol na Pidol di ba? Shucks ang balat kutis bata, ah basta...kaya pala habulin siya. At respectable looking talaga. Sorry for segueing...
Going back, this is not the last but I will cut short na lang. I hate liars. Liars...liars...

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