Thursday, October 15, 2009

In a nutshell...

Making decision to do a thing, important or not would always need a lot of time to make a choice so as not to slide in mire. Impulsive as I was before, and until now...I've notice that most of my decisions tend to be a bit worse than what I have had expected, but...always fate gives me this lucky breaks. And would you believe, it always happen...regularly though. My take is, if you know what is right, and I mean the right one...talaga, you'll never go wrong. And if something wrong naman happens, you'll end up laging triumphant with exulting results. Even in negativity, you can still extract positive result I mean.

Sow and Reap
This is one of the most important universal laws,
Sow and Reap!
Whatever state you are experiencing today,
Whether it is material abundance or lack of it,
Mental peace or turmoil,
Physical fitness or sickness,
Whether you are filled with happiness, joy or are in pain,
It is all your own creation,
You are reaping what you sowed.
Conscious sowing and subsequent hard work,
Leads to positive results,
While unconscious sowing produces negative outcome.
If yesterday you sowed unconsciously and are suffering,
Why not sow consciously today,
And reap a good harvest tomorrow!
The power to be whatever you want to be lies within you.
There are no miracles, good or bad luck,
You happen to be the Master of your Destiny,
Whatever you sow is what you will reap!!

Gurdip Hari

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