Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still looking at the positive side of it with funky knees...

When the water was still less than a foot deep, I hurriedly took my car where there wasn't enough flood to sink the tires...but when I unwillingly left the place, I glanced at this big tree [like a pine or spruce or whatever] and it daunted me something...I said to myself, what if this tree fell because at that time the wind was getting stronger. I just left and with silent prayer wishing it would be safer. When I learned the day after, the tree beside my car fell down but to my amazement it didn't fell on top of my car. Imagine, it went to the other side. Now am still thankful although it needs a lot of repair. What worries me is the computer box, that am sure was soaked to floodwater. Anyway, my problem is so small compared to others who have lost lives or their houses were swamped away. Although I have lost a lot of things, still I feel blest!

Saw this video and I couldn't believe to what I saw...just like toy cars...

Now my car is in need of a lot of repairs to be done, and be able to restore it in good condition [crossing my fingers]. Change oil, I think twice to be done to ensure not even a drop of water is left, same with the gas tank...flushing and sump pumps needed. And thorough cleaning like engine wash and many more. What I need is...the budget first...whoah, everything is up twice including the labor cost! Wheew!

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