Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homer is missing...

It will be a great bonus for me if one day Homer will be again united with us. My tears well up thinking he's eating from garbage and wandering aimlessly looking for us and how emaciated he would be at this moment. I/we really love and adore this dog...actually he's only a puppy [only four months] but he's really big because he's half lab and half CS. During the height of typhoon Ondoy they were transfered to a higher place for safety but he just jumped onto the deep floodwater. And started treading water out of panic. That was the last time they saw him. He's maybe in the vicinity near Prarkplace Subd, Brookeside Hills, Volleygolf or along the hiway going to Tikling. He was with Hershey all the time since birth. Hershey was left alone. I am still hoping against hope that Homer is just out there wandering and waiting for us. If someone who might be able to find Homer please contact me via email. No funny or email pranks please...
And this is Hershey now without Homer.

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