Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Words to ponder...

I just wanted to repost this beautiful words of wisdom from a great leader.
Abraham Lincoln after losing a senate race...
"The path was worn and slippery.
My foot slipped from under me,
knocking the other out the way,
but I recovered and said to myself,
It's a slip and not a fall."

"Basta stay positive. period no erase." and this one from my favorite blogger-friend named Kcat...the Katrina Yarza aka Miss Bubbly to me...my woohoo friend! I love her sunny disposition and her thoughtfulness. Her positive attitude is really superb! It is not so obvious that we belong to a mutual admiration society, me as the sect and maybe she as the president. I will never forget her line, that goes..."masarap mabuhay, tikman mo!"

Bravo! : D

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  1. wow naman thanks! super natutuwa talaga ako everytime y mention me on your blog.. kaaliw! nakakataba ng puso.. tuloy kain ako ng kain.. haha! thanks talaga! love u! *mwah*


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