Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woohoo, see you there!

Was left hopeless to find time to buy tickets for MJ's THIS IS IT video compiled while he was creating and rehearsing for the said concert that went kaput because of his untimely demise. I have learned of it only this Oct, from my son...and he was teasing me that I wouldn't be able to grab a ticket 'coz it's already sold out. The selling started last Sept...but to my surprise, my son just called that it's still available so he grabbed 3 for me.** Hugs!**
This is a rare chance to watch his final he said in his interview, his final curtain call...that will showcase his prowess as a singer, a dancer and a genius who'd always want perfection for his craft.

Watch this video showcasing his last final days on stage...This is it!

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