Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hear ye!

In a nutshell...

Making decision to do a thing, important or not would always need a lot of time to make a choice so as not to slide in mire. Impulsive as I was before, and until now...I've notice that most of my decisions tend to be a bit worse than what I have had expected, but...always fate gives me this lucky breaks. And would you believe, it always happen...regularly though. My take is, if you know what is right, and I mean the right one...talaga, you'll never go wrong. And if something wrong naman happens, you'll end up laging triumphant with exulting results. Even in negativity, you can still extract positive result I mean.

Sow and Reap
This is one of the most important universal laws,
Sow and Reap!
Whatever state you are experiencing today,
Whether it is material abundance or lack of it,
Mental peace or turmoil,
Physical fitness or sickness,
Whether you are filled with happiness, joy or are in pain,
It is all your own creation,
You are reaping what you sowed.
Conscious sowing and subsequent hard work,
Leads to positive results,
While unconscious sowing produces negative outcome.
If yesterday you sowed unconsciously and are suffering,
Why not sow consciously today,
And reap a good harvest tomorrow!
The power to be whatever you want to be lies within you.
There are no miracles, good or bad luck,
You happen to be the Master of your Destiny,
Whatever you sow is what you will reap!!

Gurdip Hari

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woohoo, see you there!

Was left hopeless to find time to buy tickets for MJ's THIS IS IT video compiled while he was creating and rehearsing for the said concert that went kaput because of his untimely demise. I have learned of it only this Oct, from my son...and he was teasing me that I wouldn't be able to grab a ticket 'coz it's already sold out. The selling started last Sept...but to my surprise, my son just called that it's still available so he grabbed 3 for me.** Hugs!**
This is a rare chance to watch his final he said in his interview, his final curtain call...that will showcase his prowess as a singer, a dancer and a genius who'd always want perfection for his craft.

Watch this video showcasing his last final days on stage...This is it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hitting rock bottom...

We have so much to be thankful when this strong typhoon Quedan headed toward Japan's territory [Melor] but am not happy though since I love the country so much. The country who have embraced me during my stay there because the people are so warm and so hospitable contrary to some notion, not mine. They are so respectful and that's the main core of my praises. I have had so many nice memories during my three long months of stay there, hoping to get another extension but due to unavoidable circumstances I left in haste with heavy heart. Part of my heart was left there. I love the panoramic countryside blending with their comprehensive view that simply screams the country's well developed and high end technology and booming financial success.
Going back, compared to Japan, financial-wise our people specially in the poorest of the poor areas...they really can't keep up during this kind of havoc. Really Ondoy slammed part of the country with so much force and agitation. This was the very first time I have ever experienced a great deluge...and I said to my mind...the story in the Bible about Noah is something to be scared of. No one will be spared during this kind of catastrophic destruction. Well...nothing we could hold on to but Increase our faith, nurture it and have a good grip.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Let us not live in the past..."

I have high regards to my newfound "teacher"/friend and hopefully a future adviser from now on...whom I can take counsel the moment she's free because I know how busy she is holding her office at CAGRECA. Mrs. Adie Manalo have kept true to her words that she'd help me with my dilemma, and true enough again, everything will be settled now after some foaming at the mouth. Well, as Mrs. Manalo have said and I quote, " let us not live in the past..." For surely it will just only give us the burden of guilt, resentments and you'll be dumped with a lot of regrets. Let us find gratefulness in our hearts. And be with an open mind and armed with sensible judgment. And not to forget to hold on to our faith. It is a great value to forgive and to forget rather than get yourself trapped and soiled in mire.

Thank you also to Dir. Tony Concepcion who is the chaiman of the Grievance and Adj. Committee [...I hope am right]


What makes an individual disagreeable?

I clicked my follow button sending me to goyz sites, and I stumbled at one site and saw What I dislike most in people? and I haven't read the whole post but I will resume reading it later. I just don't want to miss the idea flowing in my mind. Someone said to me, "I love your person" [actually from an old friend I've lost contact already]. And I ask that question in my mind. What makes me a better person?

A person should always be true to his words. But if there's a chance or an instance that you might fall short of what you promise, you can always make an effort to explain earlier what possible reason you may have for falling short of what you have had previously promised. Once will always be enough. If the second time around you slid again, I don't know how one will accept your reasoning...bottomline is, don't make broken promises.
Lol, I used to be an Indian-giver. I just hope you get what I mean. Won't elaborate things, so as not to put me in jeopardy. I love Indians, though I have yet to meet one. Peace out! Now I hate doing it na talaga. Pag naibigay ko na, kanya na yon. But not the money matter. If you owe one, the most unpleasant thing you can do is not to pay what is due him/her. That's awfully so so bad. Specially if the lender makes money hand over fist.... naku, he might bend the dang daylights out of your crazy nut. Many friendships has been ruined out of that money dramas, and I hate to become a key player either way.
Ripping off and or pilfering is a no no! Of course it's not acceptable. Have you had a friend who's got itchy hand? Say you invite him into your house, and she stealthily hide your cp. Don't laugh but it do happen a lot. That's the craziest. You only put a big x on your face. You can't blame when one goes leery and wary. There was a time when my cousin, adult hah...male...went to my house to borrow money. Of course I said I was shy of cash...which was true enough. Got some but it was for our subsistence, so I couldn't make a hasty decision putting my budget in mess out of awa. When he was set to leave the house, he saw my caps collection in different colors hanging underneath the stairs. He grabbed the blue-green original Speedo and left mumbling within earshot..."akin na lang toh ate norie..." **!Waaahhh!** :( I felt I didn't know who I was at that moment. Of course I went foaming because I bought that from DutyFree...and it was a memorable day for me because I saw Ms Zsa Zsa Padilla without a trace of make up. Oh my...she's so ako...di niya alam na kunwari may hinahanap ako pero ang totoo ay sinusundan ko siya ng tingin. Hindi naman ako ganun ka-fanatic na magpefreak out sa mga celeb at kainisan na lang . Of course they need some alone private time naman. Shy pati ako eh. Pero guess who I saw when I went to dogfood section? Aaaaayyyy si Dolphy Quizon!!!! With some dilly-dallying attempts to go near him...naku kinapalan ko na fez ko...and went like, Mang Dolphy ang gwapo n'yo pala talaga sa looking so young talaga, pero in murmur lang hah, nakakahiya kasi. And he said while smiling..."hindi naman masyado" :) Pidol na Pidol di ba? Shucks ang balat kutis bata, ah basta...kaya pala habulin siya. At respectable looking talaga. Sorry for segueing...
Going back, this is not the last but I will cut short na lang. I hate liars. Liars...liars...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Words to ponder...

I just wanted to repost this beautiful words of wisdom from a great leader.
Abraham Lincoln after losing a senate race...
"The path was worn and slippery.
My foot slipped from under me,
knocking the other out the way,
but I recovered and said to myself,
It's a slip and not a fall."

"Basta stay positive. period no erase." and this one from my favorite blogger-friend named Kcat...the Katrina Yarza aka Miss Bubbly to woohoo friend! I love her sunny disposition and her thoughtfulness. Her positive attitude is really superb! It is not so obvious that we belong to a mutual admiration society, me as the sect and maybe she as the president. I will never forget her line, that goes..."masarap mabuhay, tikman mo!"

Bravo! : D

Monday, October 5, 2009

Definitely a misdemeanor...

Driving with an expired driving license is an offense to some degree although it's lighter however it is still a misdemeanor. Good thing if the police officer just let you off with just a warning, but if you are pulled over for some traffic violation...whoah...chances'll end up with ticket and citations for a nominal cost. I am prevented to renew mine since the previous calamity but I am putting it on my first to do list. The burden is on me to take time out from my voluminous schedules to renew it as soon as possible lest I want to be in trouble.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still looking at the positive side of it with funky knees...

When the water was still less than a foot deep, I hurriedly took my car where there wasn't enough flood to sink the tires...but when I unwillingly left the place, I glanced at this big tree [like a pine or spruce or whatever] and it daunted me something...I said to myself, what if this tree fell because at that time the wind was getting stronger. I just left and with silent prayer wishing it would be safer. When I learned the day after, the tree beside my car fell down but to my amazement it didn't fell on top of my car. Imagine, it went to the other side. Now am still thankful although it needs a lot of repair. What worries me is the computer box, that am sure was soaked to floodwater. Anyway, my problem is so small compared to others who have lost lives or their houses were swamped away. Although I have lost a lot of things, still I feel blest!

Saw this video and I couldn't believe to what I saw...just like toy cars...

Now my car is in need of a lot of repairs to be done, and be able to restore it in good condition [crossing my fingers]. Change oil, I think twice to be done to ensure not even a drop of water is left, same with the gas tank...flushing and sump pumps needed. And thorough cleaning like engine wash and many more. What I need is...the budget first...whoah, everything is up twice including the labor cost! Wheew!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homer is missing...

It will be a great bonus for me if one day Homer will be again united with us. My tears well up thinking he's eating from garbage and wandering aimlessly looking for us and how emaciated he would be at this moment. I/we really love and adore this dog...actually he's only a puppy [only four months] but he's really big because he's half lab and half CS. During the height of typhoon Ondoy they were transfered to a higher place for safety but he just jumped onto the deep floodwater. And started treading water out of panic. That was the last time they saw him. He's maybe in the vicinity near Prarkplace Subd, Brookeside Hills, Volleygolf or along the hiway going to Tikling. He was with Hershey all the time since birth. Hershey was left alone. I am still hoping against hope that Homer is just out there wandering and waiting for us. If someone who might be able to find Homer please contact me via email. No funny or email pranks please...
And this is Hershey now without Homer.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Religious Myspace Comments

And here now...

REPOST: People are now being sent home because: 1. Typhoon Pepeng = Type 5 (same as Katrina) 2. Critical hour = 9pm 3. Winds & rains stronger than Milenyo 4. MM will be hit by tail/body unless it changes its course 5. Meralco will shut down areas tonight PLEASE REPOST & PASS

PS/ Let's just pray na this won't happen...