Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The day before All Soul's Day...err All Saint's Day?!

Flowers and candles everywhere!

This is the scene of the bustling flowery day before All Soul's Day...I am cofused, should All Soul's Day comes first? Forget it!!!

Anyway, local florists are quite busy nowadays. They are very in demand doing and showing their prowess and artful talent in designing wreaths, bouquettes, and other beautiful flower arrangements to be offered for the deceased to commemorates their death. Click this this to inquire about flower delivery online. We Filipinos show our respect to our lost loved ones by visiting them every 1st day of November. Some are praying quietly in the corner, others are busy with other members of the family, and it's quite obvious that this also serves as homecoming and family reunions. Some are having grand time eating with their close family circle and friends. Some share good music together. While others are eating and having some laughters.

But let's not forget that this wouldn't be possible if without candle burning. Yes that's true enough.

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