Monday, October 1, 2007

Bora...a great island indeed!

FRIDAY Departure

We were there at the airport's waiting lounge...chatting and giggling under our breath...while waiting the cue for embarkation. Then sftre few hours of waiting...we left Manila and arrived at Kalibo Airport at 4:16pm. We took a shuttle van owned by Kuya Carlos with his friend Kuya Ronie that brought us to Caticlan. We passed at Kalibo, Numancia, Makato, Tangalan, Ibajay,I forgot the name of the next town, then the Caticlan. From Caticlan, at exactly 6:18pm we rode a ferry boat to Boracay Is. At 6:42 we landed at the island's Cagban Port and rode a tricycle that sent us to d*mall and from there...arghhh...nilakad lang namin ito...where we got a reserved place to stay 3 nights and 4 days. The house was beutiful and neat. Hay naku...nakakapagod din. Pero we went out pa after a few hours of rest. We ate at the nearby Shenna's Resto. We saw some big lobsters but we didn't buy...nakaka-shock ang halaga. I settled for a grilled squid...naku, mas nakaka-shock ng maluto...parang kasing laki lang ng
tawanan kami. Then we went home to rest and to sleep the night away.

In the morning at 6am...we walked to the shore...and played there...with the waves and some foto-shooting with Maroh's hi-tech camera. When we noticed that it was past 1pm already and our stomach was all growling and famished, we went home...took a cool bath...ate outside again...this time at Mang Inasal...then went to buy some stuffs there for pasalubong. We got some Boracay shirts, key chains, magnetic ref-decor, wrap-arounds, malongs, and other small stuff.

After our lunch we went back to the shore, and played again with the waves...a friendly waves I mean...we noticed that waves became stronger and then it raied so we decided to stay in the nearby hut...some foto shooting in the worries with Lee's waterproof digi-cam. Hehehe...mga nagpa-tattoo sila...ako, I chose na magpa-braid na lang.

Sa gabi naman ay naglakad lakad kami sa paligid, a nice and safe place indeed. The locals are very warm and friendly.

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