Saturday, October 20, 2007

We'll never know...

Life is really a never-ending learning process. It's similar to a circle. It goes on and on and us lessons, experiences and trials. But then if we look deeper into it, we are seasoned like we age. It is a series of attitudes and relationships. As we grow each passing years we learn a lesson or two that makes us stronger than before. And we mellow down bit by bit making us more sensible than ever. As I grow older each day, one of the things I learned about life is the inevitability of death, that's why as much as possible I become more careful with my words as I don't want to hurt people...anymore.

I'm afraid that if I hurt them, I might not have the chance to say sorry as we will never know when our time will be. Everything has to end. To give way to a new beginning. Everyone has to carry each yoke. Whatever you do, good or bad, will be on your shoulder. So let this be a prayer for a lifetime: "Lord, guide and censor my mouth
that I may only say words that are pleasing to You!"

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