Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking for bonsai plants...

I have long been fascinated to bonsai plants which is originated from Japan. I am always in awed whenever I see one. It is really a genius work of man. I always dreamed of having one from my own effort but my time prevent me from doing so. I kept a lot of books for a beginners.
Last Wednesday, I went to Angono, and I grabbed the chance to look for bonsai plants since there are many plant nurseries there that I knew of.
I have chosen one that was the cheapest, budget-wise. The lady told me it was for P800. We huggled and she said she'd give it to me for P600. When I was giving the amount she told me to make it P700. What a sudden change of mind...not nice a deal...
I walked out...

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  1. What a cute bonsai! Ang mahal pla ng ganyan!


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