Sunday, October 28, 2007

A marvelous feeling for a bouncing baby girl...

I was awakened by a message tone earlier at exactly 2:02 in the morning. A text from Anthony that Steff was having labor pains and he was nervous, asking for a prayer. A first-timie daddy. I gave him some assurance that everything would be fine...just pray...
It was past 7 in the morning, when I again received an SMS message that her wife has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
I went early in the hospital to give some food for Anthony and Steff. And voila... what a beautiful baby girl I saw in the little crib...with a soft bulb that maybe I thought was giving her some heat, not because she's jaundice...she's in the pink of health I believe so...she's very very pretty...!!!

To the couple...CONGRATS...from everybody here!!!

If anybody's thinking for the best gift to buy for newborn babies, maybe a nice crib baby stuff will do!

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  1. grabe ang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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