Monday, October 8, 2007

Something straight from the shoulder...

I, for one is a stickler of what is true, though I may say that as a person I am not that perfect 'coz there isn't one of that kind. We do have our own slip-ups, shortcomings and what nots. That's how we all are...only one up above knows our heart...of hearts. I will always stick to what is true and what is with sense. Sensible people knows how to keep silent and how to hold their temper...and I have learned this from one person who has become a friend...still is, though we haven't got no communications the past few months. 'Coz she has left the country for good, and we're both busy with our personal lives.
Being a true Christian as how she is, she taught me how to keep silent no matter how worse the situation is. Just stay calm and cool. In His time truth will always come out. What she has taught has stuck into my mind, and I truly learned so much from her which I do apply in my life right now. Her predisposition, insights and wisdom has really taught me a lot...
If one is experiencing trials, like I did some times ago, keeping to what is true will help a lot. Just go to what is right and pray...and I always remember the old adage, "The thickest clouds always bring the heaviest shower of blessings!"
Thanks to dear friend, Angela.

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