Sunday, October 21, 2007

Previous terror attack at Glorietta 2 mall...

I am truly shocked and sadden by the previous bomb explosions at Glorietta 2 mall. I wonder how the people behind this live their lives. Do they have peace and love in their hearts? How could they be so mean? Some innocent people died and over a hundred have been injured and hurt seriously.

Now there's a multi-million reward for any positive information that could lead the government authorities to help track those people concerned in the bombings last Friday.

To you people out there...there's so much to life than being cruel and ruthless. Have peace in your heart and do love others not by ruining lives of the innocent people who try to live their lives in the best way they could. For whatever reason you may have had, you are all in the wrong position to kill others! Be kind and act as how human beings should be.

God bless the soul of those who died in that incident...

Photo: by Disney cute land

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