Saturday, October 13, 2007

Makoy....Mishah's new friend!!!

Had fun with Makoy, the man behind Makoy's Memoirs of a Certified Blogger and his friend. One thing I truly enjoy here in blog-o-sphere is that we're able to find some new friends here in our country and also around the world and hopefully to jibe as well...exchanging views, stories and some telling-it-like-it-is matter. I admire this young man a lot, because he's quite intelligent, has fine manners and strait-laced. We became friends instantly, and my dau likes him a lot and Mishah too I think. My DD makes it a point to visit his blogsite regularly and me too.
Last Saturday, we decided to eat lunch together with my daughter Chalou. After that, we went to Tiendesitas to passed away time and some window-shopping on the side minus the shopping, har!har! I was so ecstatic to catch up the Dog Show that day. I became dog-lover because of my cousin's wife. Au being a dog breeder, had taught me to be gentle on dogs and be a good pet lover. Now I have Mishah (shih tzu), Loupin (mongrel), and Enzo (mini pinscher). All purebred except Loupin who's a mongrel. I love them so much! Makoy met Mishah at his request though I nixed the idea of bringing her along, afraid to be refused again entering the mall premises because of the no-pets-allowed policies of the mall, except of course Tiendesitas...the pet lover haven. Of course I understand their policy too well. Imagine the havoc if let say I have German Shepherd, Rothweiller, or even A Pitbull in tow...omg...nakakatakot nga.

Mishah and Makoy hit it off right from the off...just like us!

If you're a pet lover like I do...there's a place in Tiendesitas for this : k9couture owned by a great actor, Michael de Mesa and 2 of his comrades...