Monday, March 31, 2008

Lesson # 7

1. I like you - Anata ga suki desu

2. How do you do? - Gokiden ikaga desuka

3. May I come in? - Haittemo iidesuka

4. Please tell me - Hanasite kudasai

5. Sorry I am late - Osokunatte sumimasen

6. Fine, thank you - Genko desu

Table etiquette # 4

It is always good manners to swallow the food before speaking.

Concern and awareness....

It was more of successful, when many joined the Earth Hour last 29th of March. Let us just hope that segregation of garbage and proper disposal will be next. I saw how Japanese do it without fuss.

Let's protect our mother Earth!

Let us not forget that...

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited according to Plutarch.

Malaysian tour...

I have to plead for a rain check to our Malaysian business tour to be held on the 3rd week of really neck deep talaga. I didn't confirm nor called off the chance. But instead it remained hanging pa. I couldn't really decide pa lang. Malamang na hindi ako makasama. Well...that's life.

His favorite stahpeggi...

Went home early to buy some groceries. Bought a Red Ribbon cake too. Hindi pwedeng walang blowing of candle after making a wish. Then proceded home and cooked spaghetti for Arvin's friends. Ang laki na ng anak ko...actually nagbbinata na talaga. May apple of his eyes na...sigh...kaya I always make it a point to ask for some extra kisses dahil sooner or later as the old cliche goes, eh magging mama na ang bunso ko.

Table ettiquette # 3

Cut food that is enough for the next mouthful, and do not blow on hot liquid, but instead wait til it is cool enough for you to drink.

Lesson # 6

1. I understand - Wakarimashita

2. That is enough - Jubun desu

3. I do not believe it - Shinjirare nai

4. Which one? - Dochira desuka

5. Stop! - Tomete kudasai

6. It is okey! - Daijobu desu

Hello everybody! Kazue, Mieko, Sayoko and Misae...specially Aya-san. I just hope this is helping you better. I miss you guys. Hope everything is fine there. Enjoy the summer fun!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I miss you....

This is for Aya!

"Seek the kingdom of God and everything will follow..."

Went to hear mass at the village chapel near our house. It is the 2nd Sunday of Easter, and also Feast of the Devine Mercy.

The relationship that has no more feel...

While doing a little bloghopping, before going to work...I saw pikey's post that has got my attention. The relationship that has no more feel it says. What does it mean? Well sometimes or most of the time it do happen to me in the real sense. Loving a person should be reciprocal. If you love someone who doesn't even think of you will just be a pain in the a#@. So you might as well get out of that're just wasting your time and effort. Letting go is quite hurtful, but in the long run you'll be able to save yourself from more hurtful situation. So....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kel Fabie, a mentalist...

I am a fan of David Blaine, who performs mind-blowing street magic, levitation and stunt endurance feat. I saw his Frozen in time, Vertigo, Above the below, and Drowned alive stint and I can truly say that he can spell magic so well. A Filipino mentalist who is also in the field of mind-blowing street magic is making waves. Really I like his techniques also like Blaine. Hope to see him in person plying his trade dexterously. He's really awesome...

Check it out on his

The "Earth Hour", a 60-minute shutdown at 0900 GMT tonight (March 29)

Many cities around the world had signed up and set to turn off the lights at 0900 GMT in an effort to raise awareness about global warming. Although some key cities in Europe, London and Korea are not officially taking part, would turn off lights on some attractions or landmarks.(Madeleine Coorey)

Friday, March 28, 2008


Maggitara ka na lang...not nice your smell jan!!!


Sweet Enzo...

Another skateboard... :(

Me and Mishah! (Long time no see...)

My first day after a long hiatus in Japan...Mishah must have had missed me so much and vice versa. It's mwaahh, mwaahh time.

In a nutshell...

Prosperity is not necessarily a money thing. It is a lifesyle thing.

By: Andrew Matthews

Whoah, my bad....!!!

I just gave Mishah a quick bath...naalala ko but it was already late na...her doctor just gave her monthly booster shots. Hindi nga pala siya dapat paliguan...sigh. :(

Ohayou Gozaimasu!!!

Good morning...

My schedule is far beyond my usual routine but I am sure masasanay din ako. Getting up early and starting the day earlier than before is quite hard talaga...ganun yata ang lahat ng nanay. But I do enjoy it dahil kailangan. Medyo mahirap dahil most of the day eh I got heavy eyelids, not naman drooping kasi I take some vitamins. Pero pag kailangan naman na maitulog ko yon, I do it talaga like yesterday...I went home after lunch and I slept the day away in the sofa at home. I slept like a log talaga. I just woke up when I felt the heat and the humidity was really stressful. Grabeng init. The aircon cord is a little bit shorter so it doesn't reach the outlet, and one thing I am afraid to use an extension to be able to use it. Baka magkaproblema pa in the end. Better na magtiis and one thing ayokong tumaas ang bill namin. I used to pay P7,000plus, pero now it's down to P2,000 na lang. Mas okey na magtipid di ba? Pero pag di ko nakaya I go to the mall to unwind and feel the cool inside while windowshopping. As in windowshopping lang talaga...kuripot na ako ngayon...I don't need to buy things naman since di ko kailangan. Nakita ko kasi sa Japan ang mga older people, kahit luma ang suot nila basta may laman ang wallet nila ok lang. I want to feel the same way. Mahirap ang buhay natin ngayon so kailangan na maging wise spender tayo ngayon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I miss you, Aya dear...

Always do take care...mwaahhh!!!


Will sleep now... :-) Pero still watching PBB pa...while dosing off!


Yey, I was shocked when I saw my weight. Inisip ko pang sira ang aking weighing scale. It's 145 and it's quite an achievement hah! From my 181 down to 145 ahah, that's something na for me...I'm happy, pero I still look mataba pa rin hah?! But when my doctor saw me last week he told me to lose some more...grrrr. Yup am trying so hard talaga. I go on juices and fruit diet and taking all my vitamins. I avoid eating lots of carbo pero kanina I ate a cup of steaming rice with sardines, my favorite. Very seldom that I eat rice na. Better daw to avoid eating canned goods dahil one reason daw ito for having colon problems. I don't know if this is true but it is better to be wary about this one. I want a 130 frame for my back problem talaga. I want a back-brace free lifestyle na!I am having an irritation na from using it for more than a decade now. Ang hirap. Added bulk pa.

Lesson # 5

1. What time is it? - Nanji desuka

2. Where is it? - Sorewa dokoni arimasuka

3. Is it true? - Honto desuka

4. Let's go! - Yukimasho!

5. I don't know! - Wakarimasen

Table Etiquette #2

Always take only the right quantity of food that you know you can finish off, and avoid leaving any food on your plate.

Magic?!'s mentalism!

Traditional magic is always a crowd drawer in parties and celebration, but this one is making a rave on its own. Saw a man named Nomer performed actual mentalism on tv via The Sweet Life with Wilma and Lucy. A great mental act of magic or whatever it may be. Nomer were able to bend a fork even splitting it into halves.

And for traditional magic, Ronnie is great too in card tricks and sketches.

More alternatives to cure cancer...

There are more positive ways to cure cancer more than the usual chemotherapy. There's auto-vaccine but the big question is, the financial aspect of the medication. A lot of Filipinos are more on below average income earners. Mas marami pa ang can't afford and non-employment kaya problema rin. I hope our government officials will have big hearts looking for the better strategy to cure poverty rather than making efforts to strip off our country's wealth for their own advantage...and that is the real cancer that we must find a possible cure. Kung lahat ng mauupo sa posisyon ay magnanakaw ng milyon milyon...what is left na lang for our future generation?

Grabe...ito ang talagang cancer...parantumaton and incurable!

It's so hot!'s really hot here...grabeng init! From sobrang lamig to sobrang init. Asan na ang ating hanging amihan?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mishah's birthday gifts...

Mishah's summer cut

She has a new bed, a bone made actually of fine thread na amoy strawberry and a new orange knitted dress, na ayaw nyang i-share kay Enzo. And a Goldilocks cake too.

Vernal Equinox started last March 21st...

It was the Vernal Equinox day,yesterday.
In Japan, people visit family's grave on the equinoctial week.

My friends always make it a point to keep me updated and I feel elated...they are so warm and accomodating talaga. The friendship is still there. Thanks! It's getting warmer in Japan. Spring has come. Wow hindi ko makikita ang cherry blossoms. Dapat kasi May pa ako uuwi, but the mother in me ang talagang may kasalanan...sigh...I hope to see it next time. And hope to see them again next time. I miss Aya so much...I really love her and wanted to spend a lot of time with her but... :-(

Want some restful sleep... :-(

I am now deprived of some decent and restful sleep. Waaahhhhh! I need to take some energy giving pills and I have tried Stress tab only to give me extra strength 'coz I lack sleep and energy. I start my day as early as 4am and go home at 7pm. The whole day am usually sitting and writing, or else walking to and fro. Ang sarap ng feeling kaso nga lang kulang na kulang ako sa afternoon nap. Hay naku...ibang iba sa nakagawian kong time table...pero di ako kailangan na ma-stress at magcomplain. I am so busy nowadays to even think of my own personal problems...sigh...attah girl!

Yehey!!! Ok na computer namin... :-)

All along...I thought our computer was still not working. Ok naman pala. Grrrr...
Thanks to a friend for helping me out. Hurrah! I am richer now...hehehe! Dahil marami akong newfound-friends. Really friends are coming into my life, as I am more open now, my door I everyone. Dati kasi I was only confined to some I have had, mostly pa nga relatives. But some things happened along the I did have the chance to be more friendly and more accomodating now. My world is far more different than the usual life I've had. Everything was all shaken up. At first I felt lost and disoriented but am fine now. More fine now, I guess... :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

A loving daughter...

Saw Kris on tv...teary-eyed, her voice cracking. Her mother, Cory Aquino is found ill with a colon cancer. I knew how it felt. Ang hirap. Napakasakit makita na ang nanay natin ay naghihirap unti unti sa isang mabigat na karamdaman. But with prayers all will be lighter.

Let's just leave everything to God...

Irish proverb

Do not resent growing old...many are denied the privilege.

Lesson #4

1. You are so kind. - Anatawa sinsetsudesu

2. When did you arrive? - Itsu tochaku simasitaka

3. What does this mean? - Korewa nanno imidesuka?

4. Please teach me - Osiede kudasai

5. Please sit down - Kakenasai

PS/ I hope this will help you guys! Ogenki desuka...I miss all of you out there!

Lesson #3

1. What is your name? - Onamaewa nandesuka?

2. Where do you live? - Dokoni sunde imasuka?

3. Where are you going? - Dokoe Ikimasuka?

4. What do you want? - Naniga hosii desuka?

5. What is the problem? - Naniga mondai desuka?

Table Etiquette #1

Always sit straight, and keep your elbows off the table, preferably keeping your hands on your lap while not eating.

(Code of behavior)

Love still nil...

It's all curtain for us...I believe so! And so be it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have finally found my own niche!...

Having gone through a lot of trials and misjudgements...I became a better person confining only within my bounds...I became a lot more privy than before. I talk less...and less...pero kikay pa rin ako pag alam kong harmless ang kasama ko. Nobody can push me to where they want me to be. Ako pa rin ito but the thing is I became a bit wary now. I have learned my lesson well enough to choose what's better for me...what's good and what is not. This may be a difficult undertakings but it will keep me away from animosity and bad environment. Mas masaya pa...kaya ayoko ng mag entertain ng negative thoughts...

And I am a lot happier my comfort zone... :-)

Keeping my mouth shut...

Calmly now I can express my sentiments without getting into a fight...nagmellow na nga ako...sure sign ng pagtanda! :-(

I just hope, wish and pray!

I'm having a heavy workload nowadays...since I came back. Wow sarap naman kahit paano. Having a regular physical activity apart from being a nanay lang, is so exhausting yet I do enjoy talaga. I'm super tired...yet masaya ako ngayon. Kahit may pasaway!!! :-)

Sana laging ganito ang aking approach! On the positive side lagi...


This will be a fast one...minus the tag thing, forgive me Tack I'm just sitting in an internet cafe so I have to make it real fast and brief. Ayusin ko na lang pag nareformat na ang computer ko. OK? :-)

1. I am a cool mom! My children are my true best friends...

2. I'm good when am good and am bad when am bad...pero I changed for the better now. Good na lang ako dropping my bad sides.

3. I can't do without my backbrace. Already part of my inners...making me a bionic woman. :-)

4. I love juices and teas...also coffees.

5. Pagnawala na ang love and respect ko sa isang tao, mahirap na itong maibalik.

6. I just eat like a bird...believe it or not :-0

7. I just love wearing my Crocs now than my Havaianas. More comfy and masarap sa paa.

8. I treat Mishah and Enzo like my own children. Napaka-cute nila kasi...and that made me a dog lover...right after having them.

Parang may ganito na ako...but anyway, I hope to make the links later. Thanks Tack!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thank you...

I want to thank someone who gave me taksan-taksan of NuSkin products na sobrang dami...grabe talaga...nakapagpamigay pa ako sa iba. From nail polish, nail polish remover, eye liner, eye shadows, foundations, lip gloss, lipsticks,hair mist, facial mist and so many others na talagang naappreciate ko lalo na ang fave kong mascara.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

I really do miss Japan so much!

Love to stay here in Pinas but I do miss Japan so much...specially the cold weather...I do miss the brrrr, the heavy feeling of waking up in the morning...just wanting to snuggle more time with my cover than getting up to eat...I love those sweet apples and mikan on the table, the scents of grilled ika, the smell of winter tho not so nice, the strong winds at night that made me shiver. I missed all the fun with Makki and the dining out with Japanese tomadatchi...and the Sunday driving by.

To all of you out there...I REALLY DO MISS YOU A LOT!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Woohoo! Magaaral na sina Mishah and Enzo. The training will start next week. Wow am so excited. Basic obedience man lang...ang gugulo nila eh. Ginagawang bubble gum ang fingers ko. Grabeng kukulit! But I really love them much!

I feel so blest!!!

I am truly happy nowadays...kahit may problemang napakabigat...nakaya kong ihandle.
Salamat sa taas. :)


Whoah! Our Smartbro connection is right now very very poor...I can't log in for the fast weeks. We went to their office but they just moved out na raw. I felt lazy so am just here at Ever Gotesco Pasig just to check on my blogsite a little. Hahaha! Am sorry guys hah. Di nga ako nagpaparamdam previously. I am so busy with my new business...I now have the SAKURA 808 Home Furniture. so happy with my new baby. This is what I've learned from my long and great vacation in Japan. Now am so focused na to fact I just bought a lite van to be used for delivering items such as dining table, sala set and others. Wow...I thanked God for this. He heard my plea. I asked this one when I was 30,000 ft above the clouds. My daughter told me na God heard my wish kasi malapit ako sa langit. Hahaha! May point siya. Ang sarap ng feeling And I feel so fulfilled talaga earning my cents. Medyo naging wise spender ako lalo ngayon. I am so preoccupied with this new venture, kaya madalang akong makapag-blog. Isa pa medyo hindi maganda ang signal ngayon sa house. But then medyo pasilip silip lang ako ngayon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good morning....

Just opened my mails...answered some...and here...couldn't even blog a little. Always running to and fro. Well I asked for this chance so, I have nothing to complain.

itte kimas'

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm sleepy...and ready to sack out!

Lights off please....nyt!

Some good friends that are as good as gold!

Konnnitiwa (こんにちわ) NORIE-san

Last night we had a lesson about #1.
All of us are missing you.

Hokkaido is a wonderful place.
White trees in blue sky, hot springs and the dark sea with bubbles.

It is getting warm in Japan.
We can get up easily at an early hour.

Mata otayori simasu.( また お便り します。)
Minasamani yorosiku otutae kudasai.(皆様に よろしく お伝え ください。)         ----Kazue

I'm tired and all ready to sack out but decided at once to open my mails...look what I've got. Nakakataba ng puso...

They are really so appreciative and are really bent on learning ego. I miss their company with Makki of course.

PS/ To Kazue and company...ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!

My horo...(saktong-sakto)

Your life has been delightfully calm lately, but it turns out that's not exactly what you wanted, after all! A growing part of you is longing for some adventure, some conflict, some drama -- something you can really sink your teeth into. Make it happen today by mixing up your regular routine and getting together with some fresh faces. Change your surroundings, and you'll increase your chances for excitement. Foreign travel is highly advisable, although even a trip to the park could yield some fun.

1 year na si Mishah!!! myspace graphic comments
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A little knowledge makes a man conceited; a lot makes him humble.

Aldous Huxley

Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.

Proverbs 10:12

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots to the bones.

Proverbs 14:30

I am blest!

For months now...I am still here...bravely facing life as it is. I have got the lion's share of everything. I am in deep water and yet blessings do come easily. I look at the better side rather than dwelling on the negativity. Like yesterday Sir Rudolf gave me a ring and told me that there's a possible plan for us to go to Malaysia next month, business-wise. And I screamed and told him to count me in kahit na neck-deep ako sa trabaho nowadays. I asked for this kaya I have no right to complain. This is it! Slowly I want to prove something para sa sarili ko.

Feel it in my bones...

Felt puny? Yup, honestly I did...but I didn't let my tears to well even just a bit. I gathered all my strength and my faith. I didn't fly into rage. For the first time in my life I am so cool...and collected. Things do change really. I look at things now with a grain of salt so I know now how to deal with such. And I am now wary that some people can give you away just like that. Faith is much more than helps me pull myself together and keep my spirits up.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello Lavie...

Love much!


Lesson # 2

Good morning - Ohayo

Good afternoon - Konnichiwa

Good evening - Konbanwa

Good night - Oyasumi nasai

How are you? - Ogenki desuka

Good luck - Ganbatte kudasai

Hello to Mieko, Kazue, Misaeh and Sayoko!

Good heart!

After my long hiatus, I was shocked, and still is...with how things are going my way. Good things and bad things are right here in my basket. What am thankful is that, I have been so blest with sensible mind after my long hibernation. Now I know what to do if things will go sour and not with how I want it to be. With good heart things will be smooth and easy...

Learn to motto

Okey, I got to go now.....itte kimas'

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lesson # 1

See you - Dewa mata or Ja mata
(Only used when you're bidding short goodbye)

Take care! - Ki wo tsukete kudasai

I am going out - Itte kimasu

So long! - Itte rasshai

I'm back! - Tadaima

Welcome home! -Okaeri nasai

To my friends Kazue, Mieko, Sayoko and Misaeh...I miss your good company. Gomen nasai...

Yay! I'm up to my neck....

I didn't expect I'd be this busy. Just a lil' browsing and bloghopping on the side is great.. Always wishing to sit around for a lot of hours like what I used to be mostly when I was in Japan. But I have to find my niche now. I'm trying to be more productive now instead of just sitting and waiting for nothing. I want to earn now and save nest eggs for the future...what if, if I could buy my own car out of my own sweat? Ang sarap sure! My life now has its 360 degree turn...far from what I used to be...

I am a mom...come what may!

I am strong...I am invincible...I am woman! (Carole King)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So saaad!!!

I am so busy making up for the lost time here doing this and that, running to and fro. Whoah! Am quite busy since the first day I arrived here. I couldn't even visit my blogs and bloghop even just a minute. I'm sorry guys if ever I can't make it to visit everyone. I'm opt to something very very important. Just do bear with me. I am just fully occupied with something that needs my full attention and concentration. And with this am keeping my fingers crossed...I want to make a big change...for the better.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy mo...

Flight 437

...taking off

I saw the airbus, PAL 437 already waiting at the hangar while refueling...


...leaving the house to catch a bus that will bring us to Nagoya Chubu Centrair, February 28, 2008 (7:45am)

Before my flight... home now. I slept the whole day yesterday after my flight from Japan via PAL 437, seat, I sat by the window again as usual. Wanted to see clouds above. I prayed the rosary again. I always do grope for my rosary and my prayer book when am on a plane. Afraid?! Yup...and tell me who doesn't feel that way. And I don't know why I always do scribble am going to be like this and like that. I just want to write everything that gets in my mind while am on a plane above. I write almost everything. A different ambience again this time...from 1 degree to 26 degrees...whoah...a lot of difference and a lot of adjustments again. I got a lot of rushes again maybe sa weather change...but it's just okey. At least am home now.

The day before my flight we checked in a nearby hotel so as not to be harassed on the day itself. We shopped inside the Chubu Centrair...ate BLT Sw, Tofu Hamburger and clam chowder. Wow, we got so many pasalubongs from the Duty Free stores 3 Sony mp3...and bought another Crocs, this time I chose light green naman. Yey dalawa na Crocs ko...actually 3 na. It's comfy. Hay naku ang saya namin ni Makki sa loob ng hotel at sa Centrair mismo.