Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hershey and Homer...our new pet puppies!

We have two new additional pet puppies at home. I bought them from Rodel. He is a dog trainer, and I believe he was hired by Toni Gonzaga, the famous young actress and a good TV host from Kapamilya network. She once lived near our house in San Isidro, way back when she was just starting 7's Bubble Gang. Also he trained the dog owned by actress Leah Javier, also a kababayan. When I was asking him to train Mishah, he was then set to leave for his US tour to attend dog training seminars. So the transaction went kaput! Now he was ready, ako naman ang abala at hindi pwede. So next time na lang ulit.
At home my kids love to feed them with puppylove milk using a nursing bottle. Grabe ang bilis lumaki. I can't wait to see them grow bigger.


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