Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taking some time off!

We watched last screening of SUNDO last night at Sta Lu. Wheew! Minsan nakakatakot din manood ng movie with all those horrible way of deaths na maayos din nagawa ni Direk Topel Lee. When I texted my son at nagpapasundo ako dahil mahirap ng magcommute. Hehe...my dau blurted, mama sundo?! Oo nga naman...I refused pati to use the word sundo. Totoo nga kaya yun, well...kasi my sister who was then in her dying moments some years back due to big C...was telling us na may mga visitors daw sa loob ng room niya. When my elder sister asked who they were...she told us na yung mga deceased relatives namin with our parents who also passed away. She could also describe the dresses they were wearing during that visit daw. That time she was already having a hard time communicating with us but the fact was she was still matino pa with all her senses still working inspite of the agony she was having that time. Sometimes one would asked if those things were true. Who knows?
Last last week also, we watched TAKEN and thats my kind of movie to watch. The story is also superb and one couldn't miss the scene not even by winking. I love it! But what is important ay ang bonding naming magnanay. Sarap pag ganung moment...

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