Friday, March 20, 2009

New home, new style and pennypinching!

Got no internet connection here in our new rented place. We decided not to, since after 3 or 4 months will be then moving again to our new house...whoah! We also decided to give away and sell out those old things at home [to unhold]...say to start anew...and I saw naman how happy those people who have gotten hold of some furnitures or appliances na we were able to sell at a very low low prices...utang pa yung iba. Ung iba bigay bigay na lang like pillow cases, bedsheets, pants na mejo lumuwag na talaga sa akin...[haha!]...canisters...plates na me sentimental values...glasses, mugs, basins, lahat na yata...electric organ, new freezer, and etc. We want to take in some new things to our new house we would call our home. I have realized na am keeping a lot na pwede namang ishare sa new blessings would easily come naman.
One thing I've learned not to be an impulsive buyer, 'coz youl'll end up buying what is not important. I minimize na bringing some stuffs na pwede namang wala.

Btw, I'll be having guest writer here in my blogsites...whom I will call Jade. Just wait...she's a damn good writer believe me.

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