Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I just grabbed this Q & A from eshark
and I hope he won't take it much against me...just for fun...I just deleted his answers and made my own... Thanks to you eshark!!!


If you’re happen to stranded on one island after survived from a serious aeroplane crash, who are the 10 peoples would you like to have with?

Manny Pacquiao * To know how much money he has and know more of him.

Babyface & Michael Jackson * I love them so much specially Babyface...I want to know Michael's side of story regarding all about issues hurled against him.

BOYZIIMEN * We'll jam all day long! Acapella will do...

Nicolas Cage *We'll talk a lot...he is my idol!

Meryll Streep * I like her movie, Bridges from Madison County...I have to see how she is a person, as a mother like me.

Video Games Characters
Lara Croft * I want to see her

Comic Character
Popeye * We'll eat spinach and laugh the whole day...

Superheroes Character
Superman * We'll fly...

Ellen,Fioy,Abs,Rose,Mai,Sephi,Jerry,Ryan,Gelli,Ruby,JR,Mari,Russel,Reah,Val,et al.
* We'll surely have so much fun...and adventures finding grub to eat! A bunch of cast aways!!! :(

Shawn Michaels * I want to test how strong his sinews are!

Name your own list and write what are the reason.. Hi! Hi!

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  1. No probs! Wahh! Seems like you're having a lot much fun compare to me haa!! sure you dont want to be rescue to get home.. right!!


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