Monday, September 17, 2007

This is my first PhotoHunt since I have joined in. I have no other photo personally taken that can best suit the theme except this one. Hope you'll forgive me about this. I went one time to MegaMall, looking for Ang Yabang Pinoy product outlet available...and I grew tired walking to and fro finding one...but to my disappointment, I just got tired, I saw a lot of vacant chairs in the foodcourt and voila...I slumped on one chair and threw my aching feet in one of the chair near us and threw also my two plastic bags of I don't know now what was inside...maybe some groceries. :) My niece went like..."Tita para kang nasa hauz lang!" I just smiled! After some minutes of resting with a cone of soft ice cream in hand...we went home.

A bit of note>>
Hope I did it right and if you happen to find some awful error - just let me know so I can fix it... :)


  1. Hey welcome to Photohunters and great choice for this weeks theme. I'm a little late this time around but better late than never :) Here's my plastic

    BTW your link in TNChick comments has some problem that's why you haven't gotten any visitors yet

  2. hahaha that's cute! I also do that at times pag sobrang pagod na and at times I get cramps sa haba ng lakad and yes with softy ice cream or corn on the cob.


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