Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm never gonna say goodbye by Billy Preston

Somebody lied to me,
It just can't be,
You can't be gone forever.
Somebody got it wrong,
you are gonna love me all my life.
Where'd we go together,
Now I'm on my own,
And I don't think I'll ever learn to live,
one day alone.

So/woh I'm never gonna say goodbye,
say goodbye, is something I can't bring my self to do.
Coz as long as I don't say goodbye,
Darling I know, part of me will...
always be with you.


What am I gonna do?
havin' you, is all I've ever wanted (wanted).
Where am I gonna go,
to feel the way I felt inside your arms?
Still my life is better,
lovin' you as I do,
Thank's for being with me darling thank's,
for being you...

(repeat chorus 2X)

...with you...oohh...woohh

This song is one of my favorite way way back...
Billy Preston is one of a good singer.

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