Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a nice way to start the day right...

I am stuck with so many things left undone.With arched brows I assorted every details of our several month-long subsistence...trying to segregate receipts from monthly rentals, water consumption, electricity and what-not. Wheeeww!!! I can't breathe...hardly I smile when kids are saying bye-byes. But when I open my website on mybloglog...piropos his message made me a little curious. Really he makes me smile today. How on earth that this guy living away from my place...though am sure he's a fellow Filipino, happen to trust me so much, so I feel elated and ecstatic. Why? Because many good bloggers deserve much more than me, instead of me and yet I landed to be one of them..I am truly glad to have been chosen also. Ok, I appreciate this great award and hope to share it with whoever deserves it also. Kampai!!!

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