Saturday, September 15, 2007

My first time ever!

I went to the hospital without any hint of what would it be like. I just put in mind that if this procedure would help me...why not take the chance, and so I did. With the help of my good doctor, Dr. Asedillo, an Orthopedic-Surgeon and my Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Berrenechea...I hope I get his name right. I am lucky to have good doctors like them, very homey.

Dr. Berrenechea was so friendly during and after the procedure. I got scared so I held tight to the arms of Kuya Cesar who happened to be there assisting Dr. B...I jerked 3 times when something cold touched my back...Dr. B. went like, "Nokk, please don't ever do that...please....please...please!"
It was really hard for me to stay still at that moment. I was pricked 3 times. The first and the second was just a local anaesthesia to get it numbed. And the 3rd prick was the big needle, I think it was 3-4 inches long. Half went inside my epidural. The needle according to Dr. B was gauge 18. He showed me when I did request to see the needle. After the brief yet sensitive procedure, doc helped me to slowly sit first then on my knees again as if nothing serious was done. We sat at the receiving area and there was all laughters because doc threw all his jokes on us. He's very jolly!
I won't forget that day in my life.

Thanks Dr. Asedillo, I'll see you anytime this week as you advised me to see you after the procedure. Thanks to May Anne and thanks to the strong arm of Kuya Cesar who had help me during the prick...and thanks to Dr. Berrenechea. Kudos to you guys!

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