Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, am back again....!

View from the 15th floor of TMC...

Yup, I was so sick these past three BP went high above the normal range due to some fatigue and staying up so late at night...uhhmmm, morning pala. Shhhhh...and the sad thing is...I have dark circles na around my eyes. :))

Btw, I went to my ortho-doc last time, I think it was last Friday...and complained again my never ending pins and needles on my left leg down my left instep. After several tests, he said that I really needed now my epidural shot. He then talked to an anaesthesiologist over the phone...then after awhile he told me that I need to have my Clotting and Bleeding time examined. And so my examination request was done at the Medical City laboratory. Everything is ok according to the results.

This epidural shot is quite expensive, a very simple procedure but quite a delicate task because we're dealing with the spinal cord here. Everything should be sterilized during the injection so as not to infect the patient. I am taking my chances and I hope and pray that this will be a successful decision on my part.


  1. I hope your epidural goes well! I had three of them because I had c-sections to have my children. Mine never ever hurt, and I hope yours will be the same!

  2. Oh sad to hear you're sick, I hope you'll be fine.


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