Monday, September 3, 2007

Lessons from special angels

More than words...

When I was so ignorant about how special children's lives were dealt, I had no any special feelings towards any of them...simply because I was ignoramus! Whenever I'd say abn-----, Makk would always interrupt me and would go, "they are special...we should call them special."

But when Makk did share little by little on how special they are for shrinks to understand and how compassionate they are for them...I came to love and appreciate them more, understand too and felt the inner thoughts of them. Makk teaches me gentleness and and caring for special children or angels as we may call them. Now I knew of their humility for their acceptance of their weaknesses.

One great example is Lowee and Jewel...both a DS, very intelligent in their own way. Some, with only mere gestures...can completely convey a lot of their true feelings without verbalizing them at all.

In truth, I have come to understand more the real meaning of love and the virtue of acceptance. There may not be deep conversations shared, or greater insights from powerful talks of intelligent people. But what they have is the serenity of their soul__that more than compensates for whatever is lacking in them. They have peace of mind and the simplicity that oftentimes intelligent people are always asking(looking)for.

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