Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snowy Christmas...

Snowy Christmas will be lots of fun and adventures...hopefully, and at the same time can be harsh and unenjoyable too. Afraid of frostbites...argh! In the Philippines we do not have snow here cause we only have two (2) main seasons here, the rainy and the dry season. So for us, snow will be a welcome sight...but just the same I know it would be a great challenge for us to adjust on this season that it may give us some discomforts physically. ..like my good friend Zeny, she and her husband Luigi, an Italian national, the Filipina wife is also now enjoying her dual citizenship...they will be staying here for quite some time because Luigi is complaining on his athritis. Cold weather...or rather very cold weather in Italy is aggravating his condition that's why they decided to stay here in the Philippines for a while. Six months won't be enough I think, so they'll probably arrange everything in the Philipine Embassy and or DFA.
But then again, hopefully will do enjoy the snow in one end.
Let it snow...let it snow!!!

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