Sunday, November 4, 2007

Looking back, in my younger years...

It wasn't a sad thing though that during my younger years I wasn't able to play with all those young girls plaything like Barbie's, and the likes. I was brought up in simple ways though we weren't that poor. Just pure simple way of life. I loved the way I was brought up, to which I have had learned how to be contented but striving for tommorrow, that made me a better person, independent and strong-willed. And the irony is...I showered my kids with toys...I remember, I even bought my youngest boy a talking Robocop for P1,000plus, and at that time that was something to was too expensive for an average income family. Toys have taught them a lot. Sharing is one. I believe that it is one sign to show how much you love them...not the materialistic side of it. It depends on how one will sum it up.

For me it has helped.

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