Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gloomy day, wily cat, and Louisa...

This morning is quite a gloomy one since it drizzled a bit earlier. Saw the piles of garbage in front of the house so I gathered all in 2 big plastic bags.....grrrr.....that wily cat...again...I make it a point to give a little amount for the garbage. It's a way of saying thank you however. Seeing the old man smiling sheepishly, makes my day anyway...

Gave my son a glass of hot milk cause he's having his tonsilitis again...sigh..!

Then browsing again at the computer...I make it a point to visit each one who have gone visiting my sites in anyway. One new visitor, named louisa got my attention...she writes well, in my own personal view. I like her style. In fact I copy-paste (snagged?! hope it would be fine, louisa.... ) one she wrote entitled A REALIZATION because I like it. It is happening to me now...people who sucks...people who is happier ruining other's life. An idler I think I can compare them to RUST. People making other's life become shitty. Well...try harder next time!!!

Here goes, and I think Louisa is quite very right!

"Have you ever realized that when people say you've changed, it is just because you stopped living your life...

...their way?"

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