Friday, November 2, 2007

"Understanding Bonsai: Things people must know about"

My first lesson from Lee...

Bonsai has been around for centuries already, although not many
people realize it. It has been raised,
trimmed, and cared for by hundreds of Chinese and Japanese, who
have found bonsai planting and growing not
just a form of art, but also a hobby. The number of these
hobbyists is growing rapidly with more and more
people, not only in Japan and China, but also from other parts of
Asia and the world, now practicing the
art of tray planting. With this growth, it's no surprise that
today, bonsai of all sizes, styles, and
shapes can be found even in rooms and gardens of hundreds of
households in the United States and other
countries in America and Europe.

Been fascinated with the art of bonsai planting? Thinking of
starting on this popular horticultural trend?
So you're a beginner? Well, learning the art of tray planting or
bonsai is a long process. It's a process
that requires you to exert and spend much of your time, effort, and
of course, patience. Other than that,
you need to use your imagination and creativity in order to make
your bonsai tree in a true sense. It is
for this fact basically that artists and hobbyists often label
bonsai as an imagination tree.

For our next lesson, know some of the most important facts that
people should know about bonsai.
Reading and understanding all of these will definitely help you
make your bonsai growing project not just
promising but truly successful.

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