Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Got tagged by Ms. Vanidosa Marie, who won the top barangay post recently...yahooo!!! (I just hope I'm not making a mistake here, alam ko for Barangay Captain, whoah I hope I'm correct. Basta....Congrats!!!

You know what, I've been buying a lot of wallet to change my old Pony leather one that I have been using for several years already but end up giving my new one to my friends and end up with my old Pony again...sigh....I just love it kc. The sad thing about it is, I can hardly zip it always remain dami ng abubot. But it can keep a lot what I want to bring along with me.

Let's see has my:

crispy peso bills I collect...
my money for daily subsistence
dollar bills
draft dollar...hehehe courtesy of my sis-n-law

St. Therese novena card
The Rosary leaflet
Flat rosary
Blessed Rose Petal
St. Filomena

My ID's - Driver's Lic., postal id, Makro passport, DXN id, CARITAS, South Star card, Mastercard, Mercury Suki card, Pfizer Sulit card, Pfizer Science Valuecard, SLE card, PSB ATM, Metrobank ET, BPI Express cash, BIR tin card, Unused SMART & GLOBE prepaid cards, unused sim card, old Voter's ID

Impt Callingcards: from family doctors,legal counsel, motor works,

and some family ID pictures.

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