Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trying to be at my best

Forgiving myself for my past error or blunder and slip-up or whatever we may call it...is a difficult task to learn...but I must do it purposely...in order to live fully today. Moving on and keeping up to myself and avoiding to concentrate on my worst will be helpful. It only tortures me with the feeling of frustration everyday. In order to move on we should forget yesterday through substitution. The more time I need to concentrate on my goal and the less time I will have to worry about the heartaches of yesterday. Focussing on love and dissolving hate, hostility and resentment from previous oversights will make one truly happy.

Remember that past should only be thought of in terms of "experience" gained and should be washed away by the tides of the future...in that way one will no longer be kept sullen and downspirited.

It's high time to move on...


  1. it's hard I know, but there is truth to what you said.

  2. Sometimes kasi some people get into our nerves and it drain our energy, sometimes also get the better of me...sigh...hirap tumulong...parang obligasyon ko pa...lol...


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