Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun time in Hyougo...

Here in Japan we celebrate Golden Week. So we have this rare chance to get a lot of time going out together. And one of our skeds gave us the opportunity to visit a long time friend of my daughter Aya...Janice who lives in Hyougo now with her hub Jeff and their new bundle of joy...Juri. So we grabbed the chance visiting them last Saturday and Sunday (May 6-7). Hyougo is 282 kms drive from our location so we woke up early at 4am...all prepared and by 5am sharp we rolled off. Just made some quick stop at McDo for our take-out breakfast and a lot of stop to peeh and took some pictures whenever we got the chance. We passed a lot of tunnels and the scene of lush mountains or yama were splendid and jaw-dropping. We then arrived at Janice' house after some reconnoitering. We were served pinoy nilaga with steamed rice and pork adobo with liver , and stir-fry pancit. We enjoyed fully playing with little Juri who is just barely on his 2nd month but he is already cooing and smiling. She's so cute and adorable. Then by Sunday morning we readied ourselves and went straight to The Awagi World Park together with Janice only in tug, since the baby is yet to get his vaccines, it curtails Janice to bring Juri outside lest he catches some infections.

At World Park we laughed a lot and felt like we were children when we saw these spots where some fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood, Tinker Bell, Jack and the beanstalk...the witch, the Three Little Pigs...and so on...and many playground equipments to enjoy.

Aya-san with beautiful mom Janice and baby Juri<3
Bye bye time now...
great bonding @World Park!
the heat is on!
hush hush baby... ;D
giving me instruction first
SEGWAY PT ride, on my own now...
riding a horse...

DEAN KAMEN...the inventor of SEGWAY PT

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