Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why suffer in silence?!

I'm annoyed! I'm piqued!

Just like me, remember that you are not alone. If at times you feel weak...tense...confused...weepy and irritable or even distressed...don't overreact. You have lots of company, I bet. Do not be too reluctant to confide in sure you have one or two or three or even more friends out there. It's uplifting what a 5-minute chat with an understanding friend can do to revive one's spirits. Learn not to magnify everyday problems instead learn how to cope with it. Always hold onto your sense of humor 'coz we do have it for sure. Pamper yourself and earn a bit of self-indulgence once in awhile...we are entitled to it yet we never allow ourselves the time to doing it. Now is the time.

Enjoy life and be happy whatever comes!

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