Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why some burn bridges...

What will you do if let's say you come across a person who's a purveyor of lies...great lies indeed? We all know that as human we are likely to commit mistakes but to concoct something unlikely and marked with doubt that will all leave us in the marketplace of strife...that's too much to bear. Well, the last recourse is to burn bridges. Why not if that will put all to a halt. Better not to see each other for the hope of peace and if reconciliation is far-fetched, it is better then. It is sometimes more sensible to stay clear and keep your distance to that person. Time and again it's possible that he will always do that that leaves us to decide which is better.

It's better to sometimes close our mouth shut if we cannot say something good to others. I've learned it as the best stay quiet, and get hold of myself as much as I can.

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