Friday, May 27, 2011

I love Japan!

Got mixed emotions now.  It's now 27th of May...oh boy my flight back is on the 29th...meaning I only have a day to spend here. Really, honestly if not for my other children there, for Mishah and Justin...I wouldn't want to go home. I just love it here. I learn to love Japan as my second home. The people are just so so warm and respectful. I love and appreciate the bowing gesture that for me it's synonymous to giving respect and importance to other people specially that I am not a Nihonjin. I love every place I've seen here and conquered so to say. The love of nature really spells aloud.They adore their country so much. And value every little things God has created. I wish this be an example to all people around the world, to value and give importance to every little things God has given us. The seaside here is fantastic...nothing afloats as garbage...the water is so clear that you would relish to drink it to quell your thirst. The mountains are so fantastic also...and I believe it's almost unadulterated but there are those long tunnels we have passed that really amazes me to no end. One of which we passed 56/56 long consecutive tunnels just so we could reach the Tonami Flower Park. Great innovation indeed. I was shocked to see mountain tops still having enormous sheath of white snow...and it's spring already.

last tunnel...
I have begun to acclimate the cold weather here and I love it tremendously I guess. For about four months since December I wore socks...and I was yearning then to see my pair of Havaianas and stroll sans socks...but couldn't hence it's so cold and it's biting. I did try and I regretted it.

Two days and till now I have been busy fixing the box to be sent home. Have readied my baggage with all the gifts I have for my loved ones out there. And I am a bit sad knowing on the 29th...only a few hours and I'd be on the other side of the map. In the Philippines where I do belong.

the captivating yellow Nanohana
I will miss a lot of things here. The flowers abloom in spring is just so heavenly a sight...something to behold. I just wish I was a multi-millionaire so I could build one like any other park here I've seen...for the people to see all those different kinds of blooms in season. Really I dropped my jaw with all those pretty flowers ...fantastic specially for those people who are somewhat sick with illness or old age or sitting on kinda help them uplift their spirits and be blest to see all those wonders.

I love Japanese sakura, the begornias, the tulips and also the, big and sweet, cabbage plantation is great too...mikan or Japanese orange, what else...

The animal zoo is just so great that you will noticed they are kept healthy and clean.

I wish to go back again here...again and again...coz I love Japan and the people just the same. Cheers!

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