Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not in sync

Arrived the Philippine soil last May 29th, exactly at 1:42pm. The flight was bumpy, due to storm. Nothing to do but closed my eyes to say a prayer, and on the pretext that I was sleeping but actually not. Was just so afraid.

I actually couldn't think of something meaty to post...writer's block maybe. Yeap, indeed! Coz my mind is swirling. Am thinking about something. And one thing more...I have to look after my son who is going to go under the knife once more again...sigh...I wish I wish...this would be the last. Sometimes being a mother curtails me to enjoy the world at its fullest. When you know that one of your children is not so okey.  Well...sad to say I can't afford too to get sick though a lot of times I would want to be a 24/7 type of a mom as always...but I are just human and not a superwoman which I wish to be.Sometimes I'd feel just too weak and all I want is a breather. But am I allowed...knowing enormous tasks are waiting for me...

Now look, suddenly I just want to sack out and hit my bed. Am idling!

So ciaO! Lights off!

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