Thursday, May 5, 2011

First time clamming...

low tide
found clams
enjoying ;D
hiding beneath
cold and slippery

  1. dig dig dig...
     clam tempura ;D

  2. We went clamming this morning. At about 9am, we arrived at our destination. A nearby shore where we live here. But we waited til the tide was fully low. We brought clamming rakes, buckets, net and food for lunch. This was my first time so I was kind of excited so I went down ahead first. Clams are said to  usually hide and live underneath the sand or besides big rocks. I noticed some squirting so I dug there and voila! Got some big clams. I did untintentionally broke  some of them as I raked the sand, so I just threw them bad. It took me a while to get as many as one bucketful. And I couldn't express the excitement I got everytime I found one big good sized. The sad thing though after amassing two bucketfuls...I got backpain too, big deal, wheeew!

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