Monday, May 2, 2011

On forging real friendship...


Who doesn't want to win friends? Or in any situation who doesn't find humor when one brings you to smile by cracking silly jokes when you are in sullen mood? You don't have to look for one since they can be everywhere. And we're so thankful how they have walked into our lives and become part of us. Always they make us laugh until our belly hurts. When we're in a bad disposition they would also be wearing that sad face masks. When we're happy they'd laugh the loudest. It's so much fun to have our friends around. Eating together, watching movie together and having some chitchats at home once in a while for a much needed break from office work or house hold chores. Friends are like sunshine that makes our day brighter. And I for one is not an exclusion to this. I love friends too. For me in any relationship, it should work two way. Not mostly is reciprocal but I guess it would be healthy giving it the give and take atmosphere. One should take part in forging the relationship more bonding. If one way lane is used I think everything will just go down the drain.

But most importantly is to equate friendship with honest and respect. Then the bond will not be doomed in any manner. Long lasting friendship is the most yearned one 'coz if not, they are just mere acquaintances to be called, who would  just walk in and say hi and goodbye. Nothing can be compared  if we have one in the hand as the old cliche goes and if possible...keep it and hold it with your two hands.

After what I've gone through this previously..darn, my best hope is that... things like that would never ever come my way again 'coz it just curtailed me from forging again another friendship in the offing. Sometimes if your principle or let the truth be put in jeopardy by this person, then I'd just wish to stay alone and be happy for all by myself..

I'm not to flaunt this but...all I wanted is to be a blessing for my friends and not to give pain and become the dangling Damocles sword on their heads.

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