Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My guilty pleasure?! ;D

My daughter has been teasing me these past few days when she got the chance to visit my blogsite, oh wow... o n l y just when I did send her the link. She's kind of busy her alibi?! She went crazy about me posting my pictures off the reel one after another. LOL, my gawd... dearie your mom is on a vacation (what else do you expect?!). And besides, it felt so downright sad posting much more about the previous tragedy...I just felt the need to veer away a little and tell the whole world that life must go on. And there's still more to enjoy here. And that we are safe here...

And it has been an SOP to bring a digicam, aside from the ketai (cellphone) and the new Canon Eos to record every event, posterity-wise. One can't ignore the beauty of the place. And so thus the bulk. Yesterday again we visit the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the Nagoya Higashiyama SKY Tower.

[to be continued...]

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In a perfect rainbow spectrum!

I feel great!

As a mother, what more can I ask for? My baby is now a full grown fine lady. She's graduating tomorrow. Fanfare, fanfare! But it breaks my heart for not being able to make it on her graduation rites. But just the same, am so so glad that she has finished her chosen course with unflagging perseverance and diligence...and I bow to that.

To you my sweet pea,

Thanks for being such a fine lady that you are now. I love you and what more can I say...but congrats!

Kiss. Hug. And High Five!!!

This is it!
My dau...

Baccalaureate Mass


Having a whale of a time!

Got the chance again to while away the time. Went to see the vast mountainland growing Japanese apricot. I have no words but to say it's splendid. All in blooms.


A long drive to a mountain where Japanese apricot (prunus mume) are all abloom!
A splendid place!
Putting lipstick (after eating glutinous rice on stick) while catching my breathe after a long trek!
no word's enough to praise...
the Japanese apricot...

And after that, we drove again another few hours to where one of the shrine is located, on the edge of the mountain.
360 year old 
A big nest...on top
The Shrine in the middle of that huge stony mountain
(with the arrow mark)!
The Shrine....
bff  ;D
this' the old Hoaraiji temple up above the newly built one...the place is not suitable to influx of believers due to extreme steep location and impassably precipitous mountain trails...thus a new one was built...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Enjoy enjoy...

Went back to see nanohana at Irago...the second time! I love the cathartic! ;D

my toy!
my bff ;D
liwaliw mode!
loving the place!
a raven
from afar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A breather...

A rest, a break, or call it time-out...whatever. We just felt the need to break free from it all. And so the pictures say it all!

kireiiii ;D
waiting for my inihaw na oyster...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Veering away...

paws up!
a quick visit ...

Trying to conceal the sadness, so we have to enjoy life as it is. Life is great no matter cheers!

Life must go on...!!!!
Sugoiiii ;D
I love flowers!
fresh tulips!