Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not in sync

Arrived the Philippine soil last May 29th, exactly at 1:42pm. The flight was bumpy, due to storm. Nothing to do but closed my eyes to say a prayer, and on the pretext that I was sleeping but actually not. Was just so afraid.

I actually couldn't think of something meaty to post...writer's block maybe. Yeap, indeed! Coz my mind is swirling. Am thinking about something. And one thing more...I have to look after my son who is going to go under the knife once more again...sigh...I wish I wish...this would be the last. Sometimes being a mother curtails me to enjoy the world at its fullest. When you know that one of your children is not so okey.  Well...sad to say I can't afford too to get sick though a lot of times I would want to be a 24/7 type of a mom as always...but I are just human and not a superwoman which I wish to be.Sometimes I'd feel just too weak and all I want is a breather. But am I allowed...knowing enormous tasks are waiting for me...

Now look, suddenly I just want to sack out and hit my bed. Am idling!

So ciaO! Lights off!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I love Japan!

Got mixed emotions now.  It's now 27th of May...oh boy my flight back is on the 29th...meaning I only have a day to spend here. Really, honestly if not for my other children there, for Mishah and Justin...I wouldn't want to go home. I just love it here. I learn to love Japan as my second home. The people are just so so warm and respectful. I love and appreciate the bowing gesture that for me it's synonymous to giving respect and importance to other people specially that I am not a Nihonjin. I love every place I've seen here and conquered so to say. The love of nature really spells aloud.They adore their country so much. And value every little things God has created. I wish this be an example to all people around the world, to value and give importance to every little things God has given us. The seaside here is fantastic...nothing afloats as garbage...the water is so clear that you would relish to drink it to quell your thirst. The mountains are so fantastic also...and I believe it's almost unadulterated but there are those long tunnels we have passed that really amazes me to no end. One of which we passed 56/56 long consecutive tunnels just so we could reach the Tonami Flower Park. Great innovation indeed. I was shocked to see mountain tops still having enormous sheath of white snow...and it's spring already.

last tunnel...
I have begun to acclimate the cold weather here and I love it tremendously I guess. For about four months since December I wore socks...and I was yearning then to see my pair of Havaianas and stroll sans socks...but couldn't hence it's so cold and it's biting. I did try and I regretted it.

Two days and till now I have been busy fixing the box to be sent home. Have readied my baggage with all the gifts I have for my loved ones out there. And I am a bit sad knowing on the 29th...only a few hours and I'd be on the other side of the map. In the Philippines where I do belong.

the captivating yellow Nanohana
I will miss a lot of things here. The flowers abloom in spring is just so heavenly a sight...something to behold. I just wish I was a multi-millionaire so I could build one like any other park here I've seen...for the people to see all those different kinds of blooms in season. Really I dropped my jaw with all those pretty flowers ...fantastic specially for those people who are somewhat sick with illness or old age or sitting on wheels...it kinda help them uplift their spirits and be blest to see all those wonders.

I love Japanese sakura, the begornias, the tulips and also the strawberries...red, big and sweet, cabbage plantation is great too...mikan or Japanese orange, what else...

The animal zoo is just so great that you will noticed they are kept healthy and clean.

I wish to go back again here...again and again...coz I love Japan and the people just the same. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will I ever...find my valentine?!

Why suffer in silence?!

I'm annoyed! I'm piqued!

Just like me, remember that you are not alone. If at times you feel weak...tense...confused...weepy and irritable or even distressed...don't overreact. You have lots of company, I bet. Do not be too reluctant to confide in friends...am sure you have one or two or three or even more friends out there. It's uplifting what a 5-minute chat with an understanding friend can do to revive one's spirits. Learn not to magnify everyday problems instead learn how to cope with it. Always hold onto your sense of humor 'coz we do have it for sure. Pamper yourself and earn a bit of self-indulgence once in awhile...we are entitled to it yet we never allow ourselves the time to doing it. Now is the time.

Enjoy life and be happy whatever comes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why some burn bridges...

What will you do if let's say you come across a person who's a purveyor of lies...great lies indeed? We all know that as human we are likely to commit mistakes but to concoct something unlikely and marked with doubt that will all leave us in the marketplace of strife...that's too much to bear. Well, the last recourse is to burn bridges. Why not if that will put all to a halt. Better not to see each other for the hope of peace and if reconciliation is far-fetched, it is better then. It is sometimes more sensible to stay clear and keep your distance to that person. Time and again it's possible that he will always do that again...so that leaves us to decide which is better.

It's better to sometimes close our mouth shut if we cannot say something good to others. I've learned it as the best tool...to stay quiet, and get hold of myself as much as I can.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just close your eyes...

Holy cow...am so in love with the magic of these two great guys...Superb duo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trying to be at my best

Forgiving myself for my past error or blunder and slip-up or whatever we may call it...is a difficult task to learn...but I must do it purposely...in order to live fully today. Moving on and keeping up to myself and avoiding to concentrate on my worst will be helpful. It only tortures me with the feeling of frustration everyday. In order to move on we should forget yesterday through substitution. The more time I need to concentrate on my goal and the less time I will have to worry about the heartaches of yesterday. Focussing on love and dissolving hate, hostility and resentment from previous oversights will make one truly happy.

Remember that past should only be thought of in terms of "experience" gained and should be washed away by the tides of the future...in that way one will no longer be kept sullen and downspirited.

It's high time to move on...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love this song...

It's about learning to dance in the rain!

"Never blame any day in your life.
Good days give u happiness,
Bad days give u experience.
Worst days give u a lesson."

I feel sick!!!
I am totally not in sync today. I feel sooo sick. Got a little lightheaded feeling and a little melancholy sets in too. No don't get me too wrong, am not a negative person, but there's this point that we feel so unspirited. I don't know why. They told me to rest but I don't feel like lying in bed. Am a professional  multi-tasker as I always want to be. I do the laundry, half past done. Done with the dishes in the sink and the kitchen is already in proper order. Folded some clothes. I just need to mop the floor and am done.
Always been busy the past months, since I am here to enjoy. Been here and there and everywhere, the reason why I feel so exhausted, but I tell you I do enjoy a lot here. Great!

One thing good happen also...yey, I have no cravings...I don't feel like eating. But of course I have to take some in...lest I be sick in different manner.
my lunch, pewee tomatoes, egg and fruity yogurt ;D
"I always thought that everything happens for a reason but later on I found out that sometimes reasons are not enough to explain why everything happened."

"I cant say that I'm really happy, I cant say that I'm totally fine, But I know how to be strong, and i know how to hold my head up high."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun time in Hyougo...

Here in Japan we celebrate Golden Week. So we have this rare chance to get a lot of time going out together. And one of our skeds gave us the opportunity to visit a long time friend of my daughter Aya...Janice who lives in Hyougo now with her hub Jeff and their new bundle of joy...Juri. So we grabbed the chance visiting them last Saturday and Sunday (May 6-7). Hyougo is 282 kms drive from our location so we woke up early at 4am...all prepared and by 5am sharp we rolled off. Just made some quick stop at McDo for our take-out breakfast and a lot of stop to peeh and took some pictures whenever we got the chance. We passed a lot of tunnels and the scene of lush mountains or yama were splendid and jaw-dropping. We then arrived at Janice' house after some reconnoitering. We were served pinoy nilaga with steamed rice and pork adobo with liver , and stir-fry pancit. We enjoyed fully playing with little Juri who is just barely on his 2nd month but he is already cooing and smiling. She's so cute and adorable. Then by Sunday morning we readied ourselves and went straight to The Awagi World Park together with Janice only in tug, since the baby is yet to get his vaccines, it curtails Janice to bring Juri outside lest he catches some infections.

At World Park we laughed a lot and felt like we were children when we saw these spots where some fairy tales are...like Little Red Riding Hood, Tinker Bell, Jack and the beanstalk...the witch, the Three Little Pigs...and so on...and many playground equipments to enjoy.

Aya-san with beautiful mom Janice and baby Juri<3
Bye bye time now...
great bonding @World Park!
the heat is on!
hush hush baby... ;D
giving me instruction first
SEGWAY PT ride, on my own now...
riding a horse...

DEAN KAMEN...the inventor of SEGWAY PT

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Full of surprises!

whoah! ;D
touched ;D

Saw these when I went to peeh and was a bit dumbfounded. We arrived so late after a two-day bonding with Janice and we're all tired and exhausted from 282 kms drive. The reason why they kept on giving me  tea in bed...lol...

Thank you...big deal...I love you guys! I love it! ;D

Not an easy task...

A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking...

A mother's love is always instinctual, unconditional, and forever. I always want to stay longer in this world not because of myself, but because I want to always be there for my children...whenever they need me, because they are all I treasure in this world. They are my greatest inspiration, that always gas me up even in my lowest low...♥♥♥

One of my everyday routine that I never get tired of doing is visiting my Facebook site. This has been our source of communication. Every detail of what am doing here and there is all there at my wall. So this is in a way has been a tool to help keep them updated of  my everyday routine. There's this one item on newsfeed that somehow have touched and struck me a bit in the heart. I have read a mother and son disagreement, exchanging some unlikely words via Facebook. It hurt me that there are those who do not jive, am luckier we do. Air of animosity that should not be whiffing in the air between mother and her children will always be a mightmare for me and every mothers for sure. I never dreamt of being tagged as a bad mom. Mom should always be the best for all children because I think they have the closest bond for we mother's have them in our wombs for nine long months. Well I just pray that they do rekindle what has to be between them. I pray that the mother will soften her heart as well as open it for her son. We are here to guide them and not to hurt them I guess. I believe this task is very difficult but we should be in our best element to fulfill this task...to make them and raise them be a better person. We are molders remember so be wary of what to teach our children...

I thank God endlessly for making me a mom. 

To all mothers like me...I say, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First time clamming...

low tide
found clams
enjoying ;D
hiding beneath
cold and slippery

  1. dig dig dig...
     clam tempura ;D

  2. We went clamming this morning. At about 9am, we arrived at our destination. A nearby shore where we live here. But we waited til the tide was fully low. We brought clamming rakes, buckets, net and food for lunch. This was my first time so I was kind of excited so I went down ahead first. Clams are said to  usually hide and live underneath the sand or besides big rocks. I noticed some squirting so I dug there and voila! Got some big clams. I did untintentionally broke  some of them as I raked the sand, so I just threw them back...sigh...my bad. It took me a while to get as many as one bucketful. And I couldn't express the excitement I got everytime I found one big good sized. The sad thing though after amassing two bucketfuls...I got backpain too, big deal, wheeew!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you big deal!

I am so happy this morning to find my son's greeting me a Happy Mother's Day (quite early) in a very different way. Around minutes past 4am I got the usual itch to go online via using Facebook (ooops free promo), which I do religiously because FB is our only way of getting in touch everyday and I think it's the easiest way. Going back, my son sent me a very special video, of the song I always want to hear and always love to sing. It's DON'T KNOW WHY of Nora Jones. He recorded it personally, sang by his beautiful girlfriend who happen to be blessed too with a very nice singing voice. Thank you guys for making it so special for me. I love it...!

Monday, May 2, 2011

On forging real friendship...


Who doesn't want to win friends? Or in any situation who doesn't find humor when one brings you to smile by cracking silly jokes when you are in sullen mood? You don't have to look for one since they can be everywhere. And we're so thankful how they have walked into our lives and become part of us. Always they make us laugh until our belly hurts. When we're in a bad disposition they would also be wearing that sad face masks. When we're happy they'd laugh the loudest. It's so much fun to have our friends around. Eating together, watching movie together and having some chitchats at home once in a while for a much needed break from office work or house hold chores. Friends are like sunshine that makes our day brighter. And I for one is not an exclusion to this. I love friends too. For me in any relationship, it should work two way. Not mostly is reciprocal but I guess it would be healthy giving it the give and take atmosphere. One should take part in forging the relationship more bonding. If one way lane is used I think everything will just go down the drain.

But most importantly is to equate friendship with honest and respect. Then the bond will not be doomed in any manner. Long lasting friendship is the most yearned one 'coz if not, they are just mere acquaintances to be called, who would  just walk in and say hi and goodbye. Nothing can be compared  if we have one in the hand as the old cliche goes and if possible...keep it and hold it with your two hands.

After what I've gone through this previously..darn, my best hope is that... things like that would never ever come my way again 'coz it just curtailed me from forging again another friendship in the offing. Sometimes if your principle or let the truth be put in jeopardy by this person, then I'd just wish to stay alone and be happy for all by myself..

I'm not to flaunt this but...all I wanted is to be a blessing for my friends and not to give pain and become the dangling Damocles sword on their heads.