Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Bora getaway!!!

Running out of time preparing my stuffs for our long-planned Boracay escapades! I hope it won't rain much so wala sanang typhoon. I pray that we do come home in one piece or safe...

*with my fingers crossed..... :)
6 Weird Things About Myself

Got this tag from Nita.. Thanks for tagging me :)


Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Can read a book all day long in a week...even for a month...(I am truly a BOOKWORM)
2. So addicted to perfumes and colognes..(I got Escada,Bulgari,212,D&G,Poison,RL,Samourai...Denenes,Angel's breath, Cargon) I'm now wearing Angel Heart parfume. But my favorite is D&G Light Blue...shuckkks kaloka ang smell!
3. I don't use deodorants...(sticky!)
4. I hate spitting and slurping...(yucky!)
5. I love Mishah very much and I call her Bunso ko...(weird d bah?!)
6. I love to share and give to a fault....(not bad)

I'm tagging JennyL, Race, Makoy, Jacinto and Piropos

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nice and comfy office...

My niece and I went to Uratex showroom in buy much cheaper futon and rubber foam for my bed. Since I am scoliotic, I removed the cushion on my bed and was used to it. But when I talked to my rehabilitation doctor, she told me it would just aggravate my back pains. So I immediately went to Uratex with my niece.

I was amazed at the showroom...ang ganda...much so when we were ushered at the cashier's office...quite big huh?!!! The AC is superb, para kang nasa Akaska sa lamig...may resfreshment available pa at ang linis...parang ayaw mo ng umalis dahil napaka-comfortable talaga sa loob.

Mishah's loyalty = my love and care!

Favorite kainan...(ni Ka Bitoy)

Yan ang paborito ni Ka Bitoy kapag inabot kami ng gutom sa daan... :)
Kaya lang bakit P25.00 ang soup...di ba dapat eh libre na yon? Joel Torre ha!!!

Ka Bitoy? Siya po ang aming mabait at magaling na piloto.
Ingat lang sa carcinogen... :(

Sige Mishah...kaya mo yan!!!

Mishah's new comfy-bed

It's yummy!!!

Makki's favorite risotto...

My horoscope...saktong sakto!

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

The Bottom Line

The past has passed, and your future lies ahead of you, so look ahead and get going!
In Detail

The past has passed, and your future lies ahead of you, beautiful and ripe with many exciting opportunities -- so why are you dwelling on things that just don't matter? You can't change what has been done -- all you can do is learn your lesson and know better next time. It's time to shake yourself loose from the grip of your past and move forward. Start planning new adventures -- a trip overseas or at least a great distance could be just the ticket to shift your focus.

Source: email from Makki

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Will celebrate...!!!


3 oras na lang at bertdey ko na... :)

Keep on swinging, mommycool!!!

It's really hard and I feel awfully bad if things like this happen...again and again.
In an instance, one wrong click and your doomed...sigh...and I have to fix everything before I can go to sleep. My nose is bleeding!!! Buti pa si Inday. :(
I love Mishah so much, she never leave her post. She's waiting for me and watching all my moves. I do hug her from time to time and give her treats.

This could be a good PhotoHunt entry...

Since the theme now is about paper(s)...I overlooked this detail. My DD and I went to Saint Clare last August to offer and say our prayers. This has caught my attention. The area outside the chapel where devotees leave their petitions to the saint, standing in the middle of the roofed gazebo.

Get your as# in gear...!!!

Went to BIR to get a clearance. It took a few days of going to and fro, but only to find out that the officer has left already...the officer has attended the meeting...the officer has gone out already...the officer has #@+*&$##....

But then after so many days of trying, it's done! Thanks to Sir Elmer who's very kind enough to extend his helping hand. Kudos!

Advance gift...

Thank you... :)

PhotoHunt: Paper

Since the theme is paper, for this saturday...I chose this special gift sent to me all wrapped up in paper and I quite like it so much...actually this is a birthday present for me from my dear daughter.

My heart is bleeding...

Babyface will be having his concert here on October, but until now...I still have no ticket for his show. Argghh!!! And I don't know if I would still be here in the Philippines to watch and hear his prowess...

Btw, I have a video of that song in my earlier blog issues...check that out!

Everytime I Close My Eyes Lyrics

Friday, September 21, 2007

Get your act together...

It is truly important to do things in a more effective manner. Doing things right with the right attitude, and the right approach will get you right where you want it to be. And it feels great!

Throwing up one's defeat!

I have a friend who gave up the battle...that hasn't yet even started...a battle he would have won for sure.

The power to quell...

Through great hardwork and perseverance, one is predispose to achieve success in the end. Loving one's own family is a virtue...that's why he's getting there, like a streak!

Sir...go! go! go!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It shows...

When a person's heart is pure and good inside, it shows. She's like a needle in the haystack.

Good inside and out!

Only 3 days away...

Happy Birthday to ME!... :)

Want something new....

Been in a slump...I look for something new...a change...
And so I had my hair cut.

Hairstylist: Viol

"Mayor Atienza....san po kayo pupunta?!"

What a nice way to start the day right...

I am stuck with so many things left undone.With arched brows I assorted every details of our several month-long subsistence...trying to segregate receipts from monthly rentals, water consumption, electricity and what-not. Wheeeww!!! I can't breathe...hardly I smile when kids are saying bye-byes. But when I open my website on mybloglog...piropos his message made me a little curious. Really he makes me smile today. How on earth that this guy living away from my place...though am sure he's a fellow Filipino, happen to trust me so much, so I feel elated and ecstatic. Why? Because many good bloggers deserve much more than me, instead of me and yet I landed to be one of them..I am truly glad to have been chosen also. Ok, I appreciate this great award and hope to share it with whoever deserves it also. Kampai!!!

Now it's your turn...

Marie wants to find out. My answer is NO...definitely I am not! :)

A Little Snobby

And being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.
Because if no one was ever snobby, no one would ever try to dress up or look pretty.
And while you do enjoy the finest things in life (that you can afford), you tire of superficiality.
You know there's more to life than what's just on the surface.

Let's ask these people:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In memory....

I was on a jeep going home and I noticed someone...voila...I went like, "Are you the mother of Ludwig?" .....and she went like, "Yes!"...

After a brief hi's and hello's, she told me that it was Ludwigs birthday yesterday...

Hurt and grief doesn't show now on her face...but what am very sure of is, she misses her son so much...still. May God comfort her in all the days ahead. As a mother, I didn't wish to become rich...all I'm to be with my nuclear family and as always, I wish good health for everyone.

I just grabbed this Q & A from eshark
and I hope he won't take it much against me...just for fun...I just deleted his answers and made my own... Thanks to you eshark!!!


If you’re happen to stranded on one island after survived from a serious aeroplane crash, who are the 10 peoples would you like to have with?

Manny Pacquiao * To know how much money he has and know more of him.

Babyface & Michael Jackson * I love them so much specially Babyface...I want to know Michael's side of story regarding all about issues hurled against him.

BOYZIIMEN * We'll jam all day long! Acapella will do...

Nicolas Cage *We'll talk a lot...he is my idol!

Meryll Streep * I like her movie, Bridges from Madison County...I have to see how she is a person, as a mother like me.

Video Games Characters
Lara Croft * I want to see her

Comic Character
Popeye * We'll eat spinach and laugh the whole day...

Superheroes Character
Superman * We'll fly...

Ellen,Fioy,Abs,Rose,Mai,Sephi,Jerry,Ryan,Gelli,Ruby,JR,Mari,Russel,Reah,Val,et al.
* We'll surely have so much fun...and adventures finding grub to eat! A bunch of cast aways!!! :(

Shawn Michaels * I want to test how strong his sinews are!

Name your own list and write what are the reason.. Hi! Hi!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christmas is near!!!

I love this X'mas song when I was still with Michael Jackson. This one really touches my heart whenever I hear brings me back down to memory lane. Not so nice but it wasn't bad either.

Chestnuts Roasting
on an Open Fire

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
For kids from one to ninety two
Although its been said many times many ways
Merry Christmas to you

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hear this one...I like this song so much!!!

Hitomi wo Tojite (Close your eyes)
sung by: Hirai Ken

Asa mezameru tabi ni kimi no nukegara ga yoko ni iru
Nukumori wo kanjita itsu mo no senaka ga tsumetai
Nigiwarai wo yamete omoi kaaten wo akeyou
Mabushi sugiru asahi boku to mainichi no oikakekko da

Ano hi miseta nakigao
Namida terasu yuuhi kata no nukumori
Keshi sarou to negau tabi ni
Kokoro ga karada ga kimi wo oboete iru

Your love forever
Hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo sore dake de ii
Tatoe kisetsu ga boku no kokoro wo okisari ni shite mo

Itsu ka wa kimi no koto nani mo kanjinaku naru no ka na
Ima no itami daite nemuru hou ga mada ii ka na
Ano hi miteta hoshizora
Negai kakete futari sagashita hikari wa
Matataku aida ni kieteku no ni
Kokoro wa karada wa kimi de kagayaiteru

I wish forever
Hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo sore shika dekinai
Tatoe sekai ga boku wo nokoshite sugisarou to shite mo

Your love forever
Hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo sore dake de ii
Tatoe kisetsu ga boku wo nokoshite iro wo kaeyou to mo
Kioku no naka ni kimi wo sagasu yo sore dake de ii
Nakushita mono wo koeru tsuyo sa wo
Kimi ga kureta kara
Kimi ga kureta kara

This is my first PhotoHunt since I have joined in. I have no other photo personally taken that can best suit the theme except this one. Hope you'll forgive me about this. I went one time to MegaMall, looking for Ang Yabang Pinoy product outlet available...and I grew tired walking to and fro finding one...but to my disappointment, I just got tired, I saw a lot of vacant chairs in the foodcourt and voila...I slumped on one chair and threw my aching feet in one of the chair near us and threw also my two plastic bags of I don't know now what was inside...maybe some groceries. :) My niece went like..."Tita para kang nasa hauz lang!" I just smiled! After some minutes of resting with a cone of soft ice cream in hand...we went home.

A bit of note>>
Hope I did it right and if you happen to find some awful error - just let me know so I can fix it... :)

"PhotoHunt: Plastic"

Joined TNChick Photo Hunt, and for this first try, the theme is Plastic. If you want more infos just do visit her website.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Linky Love Chain

Thanks Miss hipncoolmomma for this love chain. Another backlog...

** Start Copying Here **
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3. Post this on your blog
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Favorite Site tag

Well...well...well! I feel guilty Mr. Jacinto Shy II, for being so way late for making this tag. I was tagged August 15, and still I haven't done anything in return. Sorry again Mr. Shy for a backlog. My second meme. I feel so elated having my Cakes and Ale in his top 5 favorite links.

Just copy paste this and everything below up until my Five links:———————————–

We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen!

They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…

There are Five Rules:
1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you
5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator. (an active link would be appreciated)
———– end copy paste ———————————–

My 5 favorite links:

1. Jacinto's weblog by Jacinto
2. Makoy's A Memoirs of a Certified Blogger by Makoy
3. A Slice of life by JennyL
4. Vanidosa.marie by Marie
5. hipncoolmomma by Girlie

aburasemi (cicada)

Photo: by Makk

My first time ever!

I went to the hospital without any hint of what would it be like. I just put in mind that if this procedure would help me...why not take the chance, and so I did. With the help of my good doctor, Dr. Asedillo, an Orthopedic-Surgeon and my Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Berrenechea...I hope I get his name right. I am lucky to have good doctors like them, very homey.

Dr. Berrenechea was so friendly during and after the procedure. I got scared so I held tight to the arms of Kuya Cesar who happened to be there assisting Dr. B...I jerked 3 times when something cold touched my back...Dr. B. went like, "Nokk, please don't ever do that...please....please...please!"
It was really hard for me to stay still at that moment. I was pricked 3 times. The first and the second was just a local anaesthesia to get it numbed. And the 3rd prick was the big needle, I think it was 3-4 inches long. Half went inside my epidural. The needle according to Dr. B was gauge 18. He showed me when I did request to see the needle. After the brief yet sensitive procedure, doc helped me to slowly sit first then on my knees again as if nothing serious was done. We sat at the receiving area and there was all laughters because doc threw all his jokes on us. He's very jolly!
I won't forget that day in my life.

Thanks Dr. Asedillo, I'll see you anytime this week as you advised me to see you after the procedure. Thanks to May Anne and thanks to the strong arm of Kuya Cesar who had help me during the prick...and thanks to Dr. Berrenechea. Kudos to you guys!

My Horoscope

**Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)**

The Bottom line:
You have such high energy that a short to do list will feel like a disappointment.

In Detail
You will have such high energy today that having such a short list of daily tasks will feel almost like a disappointment. But have no fear -- there are always other things for you to work on! For example, if you take time to tune into your mixed up emotions, you will find that your energy can do a lot of good in helping you untangle some nasty knots that have been preventing you from communicating clearly. A big breakthrough is coming your way soon.

Whoahhh!!! Ano kayang bkeakthrough un? :)

Source: Friendster

Friday, September 14, 2007

Can't bear the pain anymore....

I am taking my first chance to have this epidural shot using Depo-medrol to ease the pain on my lower back. I have this agonizing situation I don't know when...I just woke up one day and voila!

So...wish me luck!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, am back again....!

View from the 15th floor of TMC...

Yup, I was so sick these past three BP went high above the normal range due to some fatigue and staying up so late at night...uhhmmm, morning pala. Shhhhh...and the sad thing is...I have dark circles na around my eyes. :))

Btw, I went to my ortho-doc last time, I think it was last Friday...and complained again my never ending pins and needles on my left leg down my left instep. After several tests, he said that I really needed now my epidural shot. He then talked to an anaesthesiologist over the phone...then after awhile he told me that I need to have my Clotting and Bleeding time examined. And so my examination request was done at the Medical City laboratory. Everything is ok according to the results.

This epidural shot is quite expensive, a very simple procedure but quite a delicate task because we're dealing with the spinal cord here. Everything should be sterilized during the injection so as not to infect the patient. I am taking my chances and I hope and pray that this will be a successful decision on my part.