Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The day before All Soul's Day...err All Saint's Day?!

Flowers and candles everywhere!

This is the scene of the bustling flowery day before All Soul's Day...I am cofused, should All Soul's Day comes first? Forget it!!!

Anyway, local florists are quite busy nowadays. They are very in demand doing and showing their prowess and artful talent in designing wreaths, bouquettes, and other beautiful flower arrangements to be offered for the deceased to commemorates their death. Click this this to inquire about flower delivery online. We Filipinos show our respect to our lost loved ones by visiting them every 1st day of November. Some are praying quietly in the corner, others are busy with other members of the family, and it's quite obvious that this also serves as homecoming and family reunions. Some are having grand time eating with their close family circle and friends. Some share good music together. While others are eating and having some laughters.

But let's not forget that this wouldn't be possible if without candle burning. Yes that's true enough.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh my gosh, what happen to my mame...?!

Been so busy the past few days...and I was so shocked to see my mame, (male Is-is) is wilting. I texted Jess and Makoy who's an expert in Bonsai planting...and asked for an immediate advise. They told me to wrap the mame with plastic together with the pot and leave it just like that for 3 days...

A marvelous feeling for a bouncing baby girl...

I was awakened by a message tone earlier at exactly 2:02 in the morning. A text from Anthony that Steff was having labor pains and he was nervous, asking for a prayer. A first-timie daddy. I gave him some assurance that everything would be fine...just pray...
It was past 7 in the morning, when I again received an SMS message that her wife has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
I went early in the hospital to give some food for Anthony and Steff. And voila... what a beautiful baby girl I saw in the little crib...with a soft bulb that maybe I thought was giving her some heat, not because she's jaundice...she's in the pink of health I believe so...she's very very pretty...!!!

To the couple...CONGRATS...from everybody here!!!

If anybody's thinking for the best gift to buy for newborn babies, maybe a nice crib baby stuff will do!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yup...I do ask for your forgiveness, for my frequent vacillation. I do change my blogskin a lot because I love black for my official blogskin but I do want to show that Christmas is near so I just wanna be in a merry environment I always changed it.

Hope it will be okey.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lanzones, my all-time favorite...

Local lanzones from Camiguin and or Paete is usually sweet and ranges from P65-70.oo/kilo nowadays. Earlier it was a lot cheaper on its P45-50.00/kilo. Whenever I see vendors selling this fruit I would always buy some to eat inside the car. I wonder why my kids don't like this fruit. No one dare ask to have some and taste it. They say they hate the sappy juice when they squeeze it open and the bitter taste of the greeny seeds.

More blessings and lessons...

Learning the value of every moment, of every the lessons I learned with everyday of every week, month, and year that I live...I can truly say that I've been so blest. And I need to thank my nuclear family for some of the best years of my life with them. Without them I don't imagine my life as happy as I am now. They are the only source of my strength next to my Creator.

Photo: by Makki

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bonsai Mame

This is one of my new interest. To learn more, click this:
Creating your own Bonsai

Japan's green Tweety bird

Where on earth would you find a green Tweety bird, except in Japan.

"Curry the day!"

Trying something new at the Archalla Indian Curry Restaurant...meal with curry and the big Naan (Indian bread).

Click this:
Indian Takeaways

Hoy gising!

Makoy ikaw ba yan?! I love your fedora hat....very nice! But no, i think it is a rain hat rather.

Hehehe!!! It looks like hindi siya si Makoy ahhh.....hmmm....teka, bakit parang malaki siya sayo hah, Makoy?!

What a good catch for a meal... :)

Nice meal di ba?:)
I want to go fishing too. But my schedule prevents me from doing so. Nice to eat your own catch. Yummy....

Click this link if you want to buy fishing rods and accessories.

Previous terror attack at Glorietta 2 mall...

I am truly shocked and sadden by the previous bomb explosions at Glorietta 2 mall. I wonder how the people behind this live their lives. Do they have peace and love in their hearts? How could they be so mean? Some innocent people died and over a hundred have been injured and hurt seriously.

Now there's a multi-million reward for any positive information that could lead the government authorities to help track those people concerned in the bombings last Friday.

To you people out there...there's so much to life than being cruel and ruthless. Have peace in your heart and do love others not by ruining lives of the innocent people who try to live their lives in the best way they could. For whatever reason you may have had, you are all in the wrong position to kill others! Be kind and act as how human beings should be.

God bless the soul of those who died in that incident...

Photo: by Disney cute land

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We'll never know...

Life is really a never-ending learning process. It's similar to a circle. It goes on and on and us lessons, experiences and trials. But then if we look deeper into it, we are seasoned like we age. It is a series of attitudes and relationships. As we grow each passing years we learn a lesson or two that makes us stronger than before. And we mellow down bit by bit making us more sensible than ever. As I grow older each day, one of the things I learned about life is the inevitability of death, that's why as much as possible I become more careful with my words as I don't want to hurt people...anymore.

I'm afraid that if I hurt them, I might not have the chance to say sorry as we will never know when our time will be. Everything has to end. To give way to a new beginning. Everyone has to carry each yoke. Whatever you do, good or bad, will be on your shoulder. So let this be a prayer for a lifetime: "Lord, guide and censor my mouth
that I may only say words that are pleasing to You!"

Using an abacca wrist band is one way of being practical...rather than using expensive jewelries. Abacca is a strong fiber made from the leaves of a Philippine plant, used for making rope, fabrics, and matting.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking for bonsai plants...

I have long been fascinated to bonsai plants which is originated from Japan. I am always in awed whenever I see one. It is really a genius work of man. I always dreamed of having one from my own effort but my time prevent me from doing so. I kept a lot of books for a beginners.
Last Wednesday, I went to Angono, and I grabbed the chance to look for bonsai plants since there are many plant nurseries there that I knew of.
I have chosen one that was the cheapest, budget-wise. The lady told me it was for P800. We huggled and she said she'd give it to me for P600. When I was giving the amount she told me to make it P700. What a sudden change of mind...not nice a deal...
I walked out...

My first Bonsai, a Mame...

Thanks to Makoy (not the other Makoy my friend) and company...those 3 guys who created these mame's...mame is pronounced as ma-may, the smallest bonsai varieties. Should maintain it's 6inches in height so small that you can easily lay it on your palm.
I bought 3 small pots for a very small amount...voila, what a nice start!!!

1st mame: Yellow dogi
2nd mame: Red Ficus
3rd mame: male Is-is (local name)

If you want to see more of Bonsai-mame just click this A Gallery of Mini Bonsai

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yey!!! I hit my 500th post already...

I do remember...when I first started getting my feet wet with computers I was intimidated. Har! har! I even wanted to enroll myself to a computer school but my time prevented me from doing so. I sat front of it...with a note from my dau on how to switch it on first then everything follows. Now, everyday, I learn something new...step by step I am fast learning every other details of the computer. And it feels great. Like a real pro, though I still consider myself a caramba in this world least I can shout to the whole world that everything is really going great for me. It's a yahoo hitting my 501 post today. Really great the feeling. My enjoyment is superb. I am making every effort to get the upper hand and am proud of it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Makoy....Mishah's new friend!!!

Had fun with Makoy, the man behind Makoy's Memoirs of a Certified Blogger and his friend. One thing I truly enjoy here in blog-o-sphere is that we're able to find some new friends here in our country and also around the world and hopefully to jibe as well...exchanging views, stories and some telling-it-like-it-is matter. I admire this young man a lot, because he's quite intelligent, has fine manners and strait-laced. We became friends instantly, and my dau likes him a lot and Mishah too I think. My DD makes it a point to visit his blogsite regularly and me too.
Last Saturday, we decided to eat lunch together with my daughter Chalou. After that, we went to Tiendesitas to passed away time and some window-shopping on the side minus the shopping, har!har! I was so ecstatic to catch up the Dog Show that day. I became dog-lover because of my cousin's wife. Au being a dog breeder, had taught me to be gentle on dogs and be a good pet lover. Now I have Mishah (shih tzu), Loupin (mongrel), and Enzo (mini pinscher). All purebred except Loupin who's a mongrel. I love them so much! Makoy met Mishah at his request though I nixed the idea of bringing her along, afraid to be refused again entering the mall premises because of the no-pets-allowed policies of the mall, except of course Tiendesitas...the pet lover haven. Of course I understand their policy too well. Imagine the havoc if let say I have German Shepherd, Rothweiller, or even A Pitbull in tow...omg...nakakatakot nga.

Mishah and Makoy hit it off right from the off...just like us!

If you're a pet lover like I do...there's a place in Tiendesitas for this : k9couture owned by a great actor, Michael de Mesa and 2 of his comrades...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting for Sydelle...

Anthony, one of my adopted son will soon be a father to a new baby who's yet to come out one of these days. He and her beautiful wife, Steff who's already in her 9 mos. is now waiting for the stork. The baby is a girl according to the ultrasound result. She'll be named A Sydelle, I forgot what A stands for.
At every step of the way, they would find themselves automatically doing things their parents had done. Some were good and some were clearly not so good at all. Some were less effective too...and from there they can easily adjust and do things with some careful measures and will be able to find new ways of good and positive parenting skills.
Here's to you, guys!!! Congrats...ngayon pa wine hah!!! :)
Hi to Ninang Makki...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Angels do need to rest sometimes...

If I did something bad, I'm not bad...because I did not know better!

Photo: by Maroh

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

God is so good...

I believe in the saying..."What goes around comes around!" It may be sad, but you got what was coming to will be punished or suffer some loss because of your own bad actions. Ruining other's is a work of evil. It is much easier for me to be good rather than be bad and mean. Easier to love than to hate...and it is much easier to smile than to explain why you are I tell!!! :) Nothing can sway my faith...nothing...

And this is all I can say...Get off my back!!!