Sunday, November 30, 2008

An iPod nano, a good gift suggestion on Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and what a better way to make your children happy is to give them a surprise this holiday season. Time of sharing and giving gifts now to your loved ones. And so, I am thinking of a new iPod nano mp3 and video player for my son Chuck. He'll appreciate it I am sure because he is a music enthusiast and he needs this when he's practicing for a gig. Sleek nano iPod comes in different brilliant colors like black, silver, white, orange, purple, yellow, green and pink. This portable media player becomes most saleable when it first came out in the market and still is making waves because it's very handy, very sleek and aside from music it has pre-installed games you can play to pass away time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goofing off a little sometimes won't hurt...

(Puyo-chan in the picture, American Short-hair,
old and grumpy...(pasaway like me)...but she's so lovely)

After a week of being so sickly and flat on bed...I've gather so much energy after that week-long hiatus. Now, I have so much energy that I go bounding out of bed in the morning kahit pwede namang gumising later na lang. It's a routine already. My biological clock wakes me up at everything I see in the house that needs to get noticed, like cleaning again the sink, sweep the floor, then mop it with Lysol with Crisp Berry eliminates odor and disinfect...if not we'll stink because we have additional members of the brood here who pee and poo in her little corner of the house. I am not to complain since we all love these two pets at home. They need care and we all give them what they deserve. I cannot imagine putting them inside the cage or sending them out in the garage to oh my. Cleaning chores for me is something to be enjoyed. I just cannot put it off my system but I guess sometimes I overdo it. I can't help it...I'm so full of pep that I tend to overtax myself. At ayun ang ending...sidelined for a week, with BP shooting up making my headache throbs til I can't bear the pain but to sleep the day away. Most of the time I denied myself some leeway to rest...take my time to sit and relax...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hitting plateaus while on diet!

Don't cheat, just curb!

When you're dieting too rigidly and quite to say, hitting plateaus are just possible believe me. Just don't fret!
I used to torture myself from cutting carbo's & calorie intake while stuffing more on bananas or more affordable fruits available in the market. Or better if none, I do water therapy or say even juice like iced tea or if we have budget to spend on grafefruit which is a lot better.
But there were times that we were forced to indulge or binge when food is just right on the table. It is easier to make yourself fat and heavy but it is very hard to trim down on the why gorged in one flick after the ordeal of staying away from the table?! I'd rather not. When the scale marker hits the higher level ...for me it discourage me more so I just keep my mind salivating but never my mouth to stuff it more than what I think is enough to satisfy my urge or my buds. When am heavier the scale becomes my worst critic, that pesky little pointer...always tend to annoy me...but when am lighter it becomes more friendlier. It is just a piece of metal but for me it pushes me to go on a diet...and it's just so addictive (in fact I brought home a glass digital weighing scale just like in the picture above, mine is more colorful lang) weighing often whether I gain or lose within the day. But don't rely on the scale might just be hitting plateaus, sometimes because of water retention most likely to appear in women like me, it is our hormones , the culprits. You will just be amazed when you wake up one mornng that you need to change your XL garments to a lesser L or even M size clothing like what happened to me.

It feels great! Another cause for plateaus are cheating. Don't cheat...just curb your intakes. I am now 145.2 out of my old 181 heavy frame...I am now lighter but I hope to trim it to 130-135 next year...happy and sad...that I have to give away all my XL size clothings, luckily I have some mediums now in my closet. For me it is more on health-wise side of it and honestly...for women, it's vanity-wise too. The more you get slim, the more likely you become healthier and perkier too!

PS/ Protect your liver. An ounce of better than an ounce of cure? I don't know if I get it right. But those who want to get slimmer, stay away from diet pills. Been there already. I've tried almost every dieting pills with doctor's prescription or just can be bought over the counter. Please don't...the real one to help you is you and yourself alone and your strong determination to achieve that goal. I am speaking from my own experience...just a matter of mind-setting I guess. Believe me, pagnasanay kayo...nothing can make you salivate. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Year's resolution...(learn how to say no)

Come to think of it...we all have had in one point of our childhood that we would usually make a long list of resolution about things we wanna improve or resolve with earnest decision or determination. But to our dismay like mine...I would always end up doing it again and again. But somehow I've noticed that as I grew older each year I came to realized that matagal na akong di gumagawa nito. As we grow...we mature and we end up knowing what is best and what is better. For me the best thing I can do for my self-advantage is to know when and how to say NO. Yes...saying NO sometimes is better and the right thing to do in the first place. In the hope to help others sometimes put our patience to test...that would just lead us to greater dilemma. So, I just learned from my past mistakes that I put first my self advantage before taking others into consideration. If it'll just do me no good and will just hurt me, then why say YES. It is of true deeds and values to learn how to help others...but let's be wary how it will help us also in the long run. If it will create only some ripples why do it?! Now for me, the best thing to do is to learn how to say NO. I have this attitude of being so a fault...this uncommon generosity sometimes would lead others to take advantage of the situation. I have a lot of experience on this matter. Help but don't put yourself into something that can jeopardize you in any way.

There's a lot of ways to help. One is helping an institution. Say like, an orphanage. We can share by giving small things you can afford without emptying your purse. Helping within the bounds of your budget. It is a good sigh of relief to see them smile with a little gifts you share with them. Rather than being used with some who can work naman for themselves. Me, we've been helping some wounded women and children also. That way I am sure that we're not taken advantage or anything. They do not ask for it. We want to do it in our own volition to help. We do it because we want it to happen.

Sharing our blessings to those who are really in need is an act to alleviate other's sufferings and also an act of humanitarianism. That is the true essence of giving and sharing. just around the corner so let us spare some from our own pocket to do such act of kindness...!

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
(Mother Teresa)

Wintry air of Christmas...

It's christmasy na talaga...the wintry cold breeze...and the rush. Everybody seems to be all agog and making time to look for something for their loved ones. This is a time of giving and sharing. Young and oldies share the same feelings.
Last Yuletide season of 2007 was the most emotion-filled Christmas for me. Filled with mixed feelings...that was my saddest because first time I left the house during that special part of the year. They spent it with tears longing for a mother figure who doesn't stop telling you do this and you do that first dearie-commands at home. I am their favorite alarm clock who'd always wake them up in the morning! I am their yaya...their soulmate...their barkada...their master...their alipin forever just like Madge to her children, as how Tack would put it to words. be away with our children is the worse part of our lives. And that decision lalo pa't Christmas...ay talagang nakakadurog ng puso bilang isang nanay. But anyway, that travel away for three long months that would have been 6 month long dapat ay napadali ang uwi ko. Fighting my gloomy-nanay-side...I was nevertheless enjoyed the trip. And I can truly say that the 3-month long stay there was really awesome. It was really a getaway vacation. And that I cannot forget...a treat...a much needed time to reconcile with everything.

An awesome relaxation indeed to reminisce!

I love flowers!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gaining back my equilibrium...

Been flat on my back since Wednesday late late night when I was overpowered by a sudden throbbing headaches. A sure case of my PMS (huh?!) I guess and some eye-straining factors from too much use of the computer and texting too until my eyes' gets smarting already. I couldn't even open my eyes until yesterday. Took a quick bath in the afternoon still in daze of headache hoping that I could make it to the dinner party intended for my bestfriend Jelly because she has just passed the recent board exams...hurray!...but I was just too weak to even dress up for the night. I texted her with my eyes half-closed that I couldn't really make it. She's one of my best true-friends that I can count on. She's a very very good friend...since college days. I fondly call her jellybeans... :)

To you friendship...CONGRATS!
I love you gurl!

PS/I am awfully sorrie if I didn't make it last night to be with you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Digital Times

The technology today has really become amazingly and dramatically revolutionized compared to our old analog system. The innovation is quite fast and daringly competitive each day. Like that of our handy digital cameras we are now using where we just focus and capture each scene and moments we like to keep unlike before using films and negatives. Now we just have it stored in memory cards and presto, we can easily transfer them in our computers. But how we save it in the computer is really taking us too far. Like me I always make it a habit to download them or save them in my laptop computer for posterity purposes of course and be able to see it or even show it to my friends since laptop is very handy, so I can take it along to gatherings and other hanging out parties. It is also wonderful if we use LCD TV to be able to enjoy viewing them in larger size and in high-definition quality. It's fun and great giving you and your family the chance to keep pictures making the memories alive.

Category: Digital technology

Good girl!

Still up and so enjoying every minute with Mishah. She's now being trained and would you believe it's only on her 3rd day since she got started. The usual training sked, according to the trainer I talked to was only 30 minutes a day. Well Mishah is quite very attentive during her trainings and so she's picking up very easily. She knows now some commands like stay, come, sit and listen..., stop barking and to leave it (alone). I have yet to see her housebreaking and that'll be very very great indeed! I am so ecstatic whenever I see how Mishah understands whatever command she'll hear and do diligently. .. I am really amazed that dog really has capabilities to communicate, and can really understand human language as we also must try to understand dogs behavior as well.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No perfect crime!

Have you ever heard of that report last few weeks about that ordinary-looking woman who stood in with some armed and mask-wearing bank robber? Bullseye! She didn't know she was captured by the CCTV (closed circuit television)...naku ha...toting long gun aiming at anyone. She was identified from a composite drawing, the police obtained from witnesses and also with the aid of the CCTV. It matched...she's now in the most wanted list. Attah girl! She's got balls... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bookworm Society!

Am right now engrossed reading Sidney Sheldon's RAGE OF grabe...a good read about what else... but very timely, courtroom battles. About David and Goliath in the court profession. I can't even afford to put the book down for awhile. This is my first SS...and I think I will still yearn for more.

PS/ Big thanks to Micco for such a good deed...a friendship that starts with book sharing. I love it! To return the favor I sent him my VITAL SIGNS, by Robin Cook... :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

The office where the action is...

The pictures of injustice victim Marlyn Esperat a crusader-journalist, were shown at the hearing yesterday. A copy when she was still alive and one taken when she was shot and killed in an instant. She was the one who brought the case of this fertilizer scam in the office of the Ombudsman. It was only then 400 million or something less. The murder took place right in front of her 10 yo daughter. Poor mother gasping her last breath to leave her baby. And poor little innocent child who suffered so much witnessing the agony and dying hours of the one who's been feeding her. Who was the culprit and the conspirator behind this? Nobody floats 'til now...

The fiery members of the committee were like lions who took their queues to attack him. Bolante's aim now is just to do everything possible to prove that he is really innocent of the crime thrown against him. Well who knows? One thing is yet to be heard...that is...who are the proponents in this scam funds?

Judges use gavels technically, to restore order, and the striking of a gavel also can signify the end of an issue.

Yesterday, Bolante started his day disastrously in his swearing in ceremony and then the trial itself at the Session Hall. It seemed that the world had stopped to an end when he was grilled by the members of the BRC. Many looked at him not hiding some sympathy and others with contempt. Everyone seemed to be so interested to bury their noses in legal researches and draft documents, subpoenas, warrants and all those things. While Bolante maybe had thought of burying his head in the sand to avoid the contemptuous interrogation. Most of the senate members' voices who grilled him was edged with sarcasm. Though it looked that he wasn't too discouraged, he has to put up a front, that he is tough...being on tough situation. Only he...who knew whatever inner turmoil he might have felt during the grilling hours that took place yesterday and still have to have in the next hearing.He still have to suffer and endure all those powerful voices and those feral looks of the inquisitors with eyes darting and furtive glances from the gallery until he has proven himself innocent of this scam.

One thing's the time he gets out of prison once he's declared blameworthy...he'll be too old to spend all the rest of that money.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In deep water...going off the deepest end

After ZTE scam, now comes the agri or fertilizer's a never ending series of investigation. Aren't they get tired of these squeezing off government funds to be wasted on a lot of scams like this involving government officials of the land? We still have yet to see them all incarcerated. And why not, for there's no one above the law.

Jocjoc Bolante
will have to face the preliminary investigation hearing to start at 9:30 this morning at the Session Hall with regards to the missing agricultural funds. Wow, everybody seems to be very excited to watch the committee's hearing to ferret out the truth. He might be spilling the truth or maybe he might make some slips once he's grilled....or will take attempts to maneuver to hide the truth to protect himself or to protect some others involved for fear of his' and families' lives as well. This is what they will learn and face if they do not know how to serve the country right. They wasted the power vested on them in just an instance. I am sure he regretted doing such anomaly in the long run...from how he looked today...he looks so messed up, so haggard and so sickly. He learned it the hard we usually say.

PS/ The session has now opened. see it live. I saw Mirriam Defensor with wide smiles...this is going to be very exciting. As of this moment, it's already 9:38...hearing started at 9:30 so stay tuned to the live report on this issue. Will be signing off after this. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A true friend

I believe a true friend is
The one when the world
Walks away on you, he remains next to you

by: Hugo Sanchez
last stanza of the poem, A true friend

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After so many years... after so many years, I stumbled upon one of my favorite song of Neil Young...this was the only song I can sing with guitar playing...ang yabang ko! Really, kaisa isang pyesang alam ko! Kasi puro C, A, G, D, Em...etc...the brings me down memory lane talaga. I love this song!
Here's the lyrics if you know this song...

Now that you found yourself losing your mind
Are you here again
Finding that what you once thought was real
Is gone, and changing
Now that you made yourself love me
Do you think I can change it in a day
How can I place you above me
Am I lying to you when I say?
That I believe in you
I believe in you

Coming to you at night I see my questions
I feel my doubts
Wishing that maybe in a year or two
We could laugh
And let it all out
Now that you made yourself love me
Do you think I can change it in a day
How can I place you above me
Am I lying to you when I say
That I believe in you
I believe in you

With grace...

"Your president and my president!"

by: McCain
Many have admired McCain who have only but nice words by acknowledging the victory of Obama graciously, the new president-elect of the United States, in his concession speech after the battle.
Well enough of those Obama-mania. Let us be realistic...we're not Americans...we are Filipinos, so let's rely on our own government's struggle to achieve and stabilize our economy and keep it in stable equilibrium. Let's still hope that our leaders will go hand in hand to solve issues on poverty, unemployment and hunger.

In luck and pushing one's luck!

A friend of mine told me that what happened to my son was really regarded as bad luck...I said no...I see it as pure luck indeed! My son was so lucky enough to leave the scene unscathed. That's very important. I don't know how to deal with it if they had harmed him physically. I will curse them til they die. They are the real menace of our society. Very dangerous and very annoying threat to everybody's lives. We live in this country where sad to say, rampant of street robberies are cuddled. Not to mention unimaginable killings, sex exploitation and the likes. Our government should look or find ways to put a stop on this or somehow lessen or at least to deploy man lang some police in those areas that cuddle thieves. Light posts should be inspected regularly so as to shoo away hangers on, who sniff and when zonked out will find prey for easy money.
**One example is Tara Santelecis. The poor victim was shot in the head at close range, (comatosed...very horrible...I wonder how she's now doing)... when she fought for her laptop from her e#*l-attacker. Wala bang pamilya ang mga taong ito? Wala ba silang konsenya? Wala ba silang natutunan man lang values sa kanilang mga magulang? Wala ba silang takot sa Diyos? Wala ba silang pangarap? Anong klaseng buhay ang pinamumulat nila sa kanilang mga anak?

Idle hands are the devil's tools
("Collections" 1808)
Idle brains are the devil's workhouses (T. Fuller 1732)
If the Devil finds a Man idle, he'll set him at work (J. Kelly, "Scottish Proverbs," 1721)

**One sure reason why they end up like this is being jobless. Kapag nga naman nagugutom na mga anak nila, wala ng konsye-konsyensya. This is one way to express their disappointment in life. Paano naman sila tatanggapin eh kahit nga janitorial jobs kailangan yata eh college graduate ka? So hindi pwede. Kung call center naku mas lalong di pwede. Eloquency counts here. So where will we put those blames? E di sa government natin, san pa ba? Some high officials pocketed large amount of government reserves. It would be a great help for some development and some projects or even to start a cottage industry program to help those who need to find jobs for subsistence. Kaya ayun, ang pinakamadali nga naman ay ang mang-agaw ng cellphone ng me cellphone. Easy money kasi. Easy to sell.
**Government earn a lot of criticisms and disappointment from private citizen like me. Eh wala na tayong ginawa kundi to splurge government funds to investigate and reinvestigate this and that anomalies. A lot of plundering cases, now we have Bolante to grill. Hay naku...ako as much as I can help it ayoko ng bumoto (ayoko naman masayang yung aking right to vote). In the end, we're just be helping future thieves. Kawawang Pinoy...kawawang Pinas...napakayaman natin kung tutuusin pero we landed as #5 sa pinaka-naghihirap na bansa...why?

Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment.

Author: Evan Esar

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog for hope...

Whoah! I almost forgot the importance of this date. But I need to comply...err to be also of help to support human rights and help resolve issues against cruelties inflicted by armed forces, militias or some citizen soldiers against civilians (regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights) and or prisoners.
As bloggers, we all know that we can help uplift awareness and help millions of poor and enslaved refugees around the world. In my first Bloggers Unite entry I tackled the war in Darfur where it is more of an ethnic or tribal conflict rather than religious that started in February 2003. Sudanese government received a lot of criticisms such as suppressing info's, killing of witnesses, and tampering of evidences to hide anomalies.
Some cases of displaced women and even children due to rape cases or even gang-rape used as a tool to terrorize were also reported. Armed men were covered with impunity or exemption to face punishment so the victims were left to endure the assault or just keep quiet about the ordeal they have had suffered.
There are still a lot of severe and serious problems around the world like this and one is the violence in Congo. Let us hope that United Nation is taking steps to help these poor people who suffer a lot specially women who are always at risk of sexual exploitation. Let's help resolve the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS, unexpected pregnancies and undue abortion. Let's all hope for the immediate betterment of these crises.
Bloggers Unite

There you'll be...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

At knifepoint...

Loud barks of our two petdogs, Mishah and Enzo woke me up in the middle of my sleep, when my son arrived late late night at 11:38pm. He was with his schoolmates to finish their project. When he went home and alighted to a dimly lit street, just a few blocks near the village son according to his story was suddenly accosted by a stranger and he felt a sharp knife piercing him on the side. While the scumbag idiot went frisking my son's pockets. Pure luck he got what he wanted. When he finally got hold of the new Nokia phone with camera from my son's pocket he shoved the poor boy and they all scurried away...oh my...what an easy way to find means of earning their dough. My son wanted to report the incident to authorities. I just shrugged my shoulder and said..."oh come on let's sleep, there's nothing we can do about that and next time be on guard and avoid going home too late"

I was just so thankful that night that my son went home in one piece.

I just hope some police would be deployed in some areas where these hangers on usually hid themselves waiting for possible prey. These culprits are just like parasites and leeches ready to suck or attack their victims.
Hmmmpf, bless you mean suckers! Naalala ko tuloy si Tara. Will browse about her after this.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Anne Frank tree

In November 2007, the Anne Frank tree was scheduled to be cut down to prevent it from falling down on one of the surrounding buildings, after a fungal disease had affected the trunk of this horse-chestnut tree. Dutch economist Arnold Heertje, who was also in hiding during the Second World War, said about the tree: "This is not just any tree. The Anne Frank tree is bound up with the persecution of the Jews." The Tree Foundation, a group of tree conservationists, started a civil case in order to stop the felling of the horse chestnut, which received international media attention. A Dutch court ordered the city officials and conservationists to explore alternatives and come to a solution. The parties agreed to build a steel construction, that would prolong the life of the tree up to 15 years.

But who is Anne Frank by the way?
Anne Frank began to keep a diary on her thirteenth birthday, 12 June 1942, three weeks prior to going into hiding with her mother Edith, father Otto, sister Margot and four other people, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer, in the sealed-off upper rooms of the annexe of her father's office building in Amsterdam. With the assistance of a group of Otto Frank's trusted colleagues they remained hidden for two years and one month, until their betrayal in August 1944, which resulted in their deportation to Nazi concentration camps. Of the group of eight, only Otto Frank survived the war. Anne died in Bergen-Belsen, from a typhus infection in early March, shortly before liberation in April 1945.
After the war, the diary was retrieved by Anne's father, Otto Frank.

Source: Wikipedia

On world peace...

To be a president specially of a big and one of the most powerful country is not an easy tasks. I believe each one to sit power has their own new ideas, beliefs, and if you are vested with such heavy and serious tasks that will put not one , not two, but the whole of his constituent and other neighboring countries as well in great jeopardy in just one single wrong decision, I think it's just too easy to find fault, although we too are strong voices that should be heard. I admired the guts of Bush when he threw war to depend their country same as with their ideologies. But some of course nixed that decision especially if you are a strong advocate of peace. But I think that's also different from being passive. What happened to those innocent lives who perished in the tragic World Trade Tower(s)? Some groups need an iron-fist technique (sometime) also in order to attain peace. Terrorists needs to be terrorized...oh well my bad. I don't like to use the word but let me say my apology. My point is let us welcome the new change, Barack is offering. For all we know he has all those positive plans to share. Each one of them has new ideas and let's just keep on hoping that peace will always be here on earth. I like Bush because of his braveness to depend their country from all devilish war-like attempts. And I like Obama for his wit and diplomacy, and I do believe that he has all what it takes to be a good president. Iraq for the first time has already sent words to congratulate Obama's victory, and it's a good starter. At least now they are reaching out. Peace is not too far from possibility if every nation will sit together regardless of their beliefs, to rehash issues and bring forth peace free from any significant alterations, and be able to come up with good and peaceful results. Let's wait and find out...
Let us all be positive for that great change and not to fear the worst.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The period of change...

The coming transition is really the event to watch all over the world. And one of the world's most important and powerful person to be in the history of America will now soon emerged as the new triumphant leader to watch. Bush just expressed his hope that the enemy won't use the near transition of power to exploit and hurt American people. Of course we all know that in his term he showed guts and strong determination to destroy people by all means who have had in any manner tried to ruin the state. Who would ever forget the September 11 tragedy? I myself had been so crashed upon seeing the two towers all aflame when the plane not one but two hit it on target by those suicidal terrorists. The act was so brutal and unimaginable that almost annihilated the whole city into loud mournings for the sudden and unexpected loss of loved ones. It was one of the most horrible things done ever that killed thousands of innocent people. But those are only sad memories now of the past cruelty...and now with Obama leading the whole of America, we are looking forward to how he could make it more better without putting the democratic rights and values in jeopardize against the possible sprouting of the new terroristic group in the offing. But let us now stop praying that in time they'd come to realize that evilish act doesn't make them the strongest and the most powerful people but only will put them into greater condemnation in heaven and here on earth too.

Let's all wait and see how is it with Obama at the helm.
Peace on earth and to everyone regardless of what beliefs we do have and embrace...

PS/ For those who'd like their comments to be published, please sign in with your ID's or username or else your comments will be moderated.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A new fashion icon to watch...

Yup ...America's new black First Lady is really glowingly stunning in her black and burning red accented evening dress. Mrs. O really has caught everyone's glare and has been under all eyes after the victory of her husband. She has so much so had been reluctant to something new to her including those hectic campaigns for Obama that she didn't relish before. Had been misconstrued and created some criticisms when she said in her campaign speech that..."I'm really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change..."

Black in White...breaking racial discrimination at last!

Everyone is ecstatic and beaming with joy now. Imagine, breaking the racial discrimination to put at last one black American to sit in office at the proverbial seat of power, the White House. Kenyan is beaming with great pride and dancing with joy to express the happiness they felt when Obama swept the recent presidential election by a landslide. It seems that everyone is looking forward to see how Obama will take charge of everything when he starts his office in the coming months. Let's just hope that this will all be for the betterment of every nation.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing the world

America has the newly elected president in the person of Barack Obama, that makes him the 44th duly elected president of the United States. Was really rooting for him, first gusto ko yung serious & stern-face looking niya. But now it's different, 'coz he's wearing the sweetest and victorious smile of a truimphant winner. He's right, the change has come, that also makes him the first black American to win the highest post. I love it when he once said "it's not too late to stop the war", I think it was on the earlier part of 2003 when President Bush issued his 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq before the U.S. invasion where at the same time Obama addressed the largest Chicago anti-Iraq war rally to date in Daley Plaza and that only meant that he wasn't a war-monger. What the world needs today is someone who actively advocates peace and not one to precipitate war among nations. Also one who's willing to solve international crisis with a strong and solid form of solution in hand, and ready to implement laws above anything else without putting his compassion in jeopardize.

Hurrah for Obama!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A mother first...

I've always dreamt of being a successful teacher. And from that dream, I always imagine myself being a great one...doing my lesson plan, giving my students quizzes and everything. I once love teaching as a profession. Took AB #@$%# in UE way way back but unluckily I didn't make it to our exams due to the sudden demise of my beloved father. It was a big blow that time...because he was my inspiration. I was then on my third year...then I finally stopped and did work as a cashier in Kentucky Inn Fried Chicken. There I met my hub. Then I decided to again pursue my studies. To make the long story short, I found it too taxing to be a mother and be studying full load all at the same time. I stopped again and just decided to stay at home and attend to the needs of my growing family. Some things happened that made me decide to just stay at home. My daughter who's very articulate even at her young age told me that her yaya and the yaya's father would always meet in our house. The father daw would always make some unannounced visits, while I was out. When I motivated my daughter to some Q&A's, I felt devastated when my daughter told me without any hint of malice that the yaya and her "father" would lie down in our bed making out. Ooops don't be misled, the father turned to be not the real father but her real boyfriend. She gave our address to her bf so to make him visit her while we're out. I was fuming mad at that moment. My oh my...right there and then I sent my househelp to her relatives and gave her a slight reproof. Imagine to tell the child that the man visiting her was her father and displayed those making-outs in front of an innocent child. Was so piqued at that time that I couldn't stand seeing her inside the premises of my house. From then on after having about a little less than 8 househelps on and off...I decided not to employ anymore since they're fast growing up and they should at least be on their own to learn...and be used to doing house chores with me. Now we share everything...we do everything sans any househelp. And with how things are going it is much better...budget-wise.

I wouldn't trade my role being a mother for anything else.

On pilfering and petty theft...

As parent, what are you going to do when you learn that your child is thieving in a small way? It is very possible...stealing or pilfering in store or even at the mall. There was once that I heard, a son of known celeb. His son was involved in pilfering a bar of choc'late and I quote, but it wasn't clear enough if it was really true. But going back, this things really happen. In fact when one of my kid was still in her grade school, she confided that she have had heard that her classmate, did such mischief by pilfering small things at the pencil...I was so worried how to explain everything to my kid. She even said, "pwede pala yon mama?!", of course I said. At her young age it's quite hard to explain why such thing happen. But as a mother, I feel obliged to explain everything. This is something serious and should not be taken for granted.
If your child does, you need to make them understand that the problem is not yet too big and serious but let them know that it could be develop into something real example of delinquency if not attended to right away. And as a mother or parent we should try our best to help our child to shake this habit off.
Maybe we tend to overestimate the situation at home. Maybe the child is unhappy or even perplexed about his life...or conflicts arises that we do not notice and it starting to insulate against them. Sometimes parents are so busy working and tend to neglect their children. Make ourselves always available and make use of spending quality time with them. Say like taking them to movies, shopping or even just at home while watching TV, or having snacks or a little table talk while eating meal.
Sometimes if parents are too harsh on them, they tend to commit mistakes or some serious pranks and as to draw attention. Giving severe punishment or strong disapproval will only make things worse. Make him feel that it's not yet too late to make things right and not doomed to make him a real thief.

Quality time

Nov 2
As usual, woke up early. Been up at 4:30am and boiled water and cooked 2 packs of sopas, pinoy style...with hot pandesal and butter, and my favorite coffee with cream. Wow, I called everybody to take the breakfast with me and they all dived into it. I'm always piqued at everybody when they would excuse themselves to sit first in front of the computer while am in the middle of my blogging..."mama, pasingit, 5 minutes lang" ...grrr, nakakainis di ba, napre-preempt ang ideas ko eh...laging ganon...they just laugh it off...alam nila naman kasi na ayoko ng stress...di naman ako nagagalit ng matagal..."pinagtatawanan na lang nila ako"
I just cooked white spag with pesto. Masarap daw, but I didn't like the tangy taste, I like red spag better...I didn't eat my share. Good thing, diet-wise... just want to have coffee instead.
Nov 1
Yesterday we didn't go out (cemetery) instead we just lighted a candle, a votive front of the altar. Did say a prayer for the lost souls and watched DVD (Siquijor) and munched some junk foods. Ate lunch and dinner together...and then I slept away and knew nothing of how the story went. Kids told me that while I was dozing off, they were bullying each other at the back kitchen and making some ghost stories to frightened each other. It was kind of fun to just stay at home.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Insanity" he said he had a "premature detonation," but also claims that he was refueling his car and he answered his cell phone, while in the song "Jingle Bombs" he said he was "shot in the ass by the U. S. Military" while a bomb was strapped to his back.

SOURCE: Wikipedia