Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking time out to smell the roses! [part2]

While I was busy doing this post selecting pictures to post, the phone rang...
ME: I picked up the phone from the cradle and I went, Hello...[nobody acknowledged], hello...[but I heard din of voices in conversation and some office noises] hello...
From the phone: sino toh?! [woman's voice]
ME: Duh! I just wanted to be nice and say hello...pero instead I said, ikaw ang tumawag eh...and I rolled my eyes...but just let it passed...baka naman busy lang sila at nagkamali lang...gave the benefit of the doubt na nice...I promised for 2010! Yey!

Wheew! Sometimes we do need a lifetime and guaranteed good manners. Pero di ko naman laging maipangakong magpapakabait ako lage. Hindi naman ako mataray type. But I get piqued easily pag ettiquette is nowhere around.

Let's all be nice! :)

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