Monday, January 11, 2010

Braving challenges just to make a change!

Act Now - Change the Future

Four of our activists were detained in a Danish prison. Their crime? At the UN Climate Summit last month, they managed to get into a dinner party where world leaders were dining with the Queen of Denmark and held up banners demanding they take action against global warming.

Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris, known as the “Red Carpet Four” have remained in virtual isolation, without trial, over Christmas and New Year.

Civil society has spent the past year trying to make politicians understand that the time has come to act. The restriction of peaceful protest against a problem as pressing as climate change is a serious threat to democracy.

Queen of Hearts: Now then, are you ready for your sentence?
Alice: But there has to be a verdict first.
Queen of Hearts: Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.

Hurrah for the Red Carpet Four! Good thing they were released after sitting idly in jail for more than 3 weeks after walking along the red carpet. The four activists – Juantxo, Joris, Nora, and Christian had risked their lives and names to do something about climate change. Were kept apart from their families and loved ones over Christmas and New Year just to make their chance to be heard via peaceful and non-violent action. Copenhagen police said, "When you do that kind of thing, you are going to pay for it." Maybe how they got themselves squeezed into the group of VIP's was the main reason that had sparked the commotion and why they were held in jail. But it's also inhumane to treat such silent activists especially if the advocacy is something about the protection of the earth where all will benefit from the great outcome. We are all liable for the worsening effect of global warming.

So let us take action...before it's too late!

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