Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a glimpse...

Yesterday I heard Marlene Aguilar being interviewed while I was at the kitchen doing salad minus everything, lawl, uhhhmm actually that was a left over cuke that sat inside the fridge waiting to be noticed and some croutons and fresh carrots only. I was kind of peeling the old skin of the cuke 'coz it's exactly 2 days ago since I bought it from SM fresh produce, pero d na siya fresh :) So I was there while the tv was tuned in The Buzz. I heard my favorite Boy Abunda who's so adept in doing interviews...[I missed the imaginary mirror of Boy]. It could have been a bit meaty if only Kris had said a lot of her mind about the matter. I understand Kris now for zipping rather than zapping. Mahirap yun for someone as eloquent and as articulate as Kris. I would love to hear that part sana. I love KA that way, absolutely frank and candid. She really loves Noynoy that's why she's holding back a little. She's very eloquent and it's a hard try dodging some nice debatable topic like that of Marlene and Jason's predicament. She just said that the mother or all mothers [?] will never stop loving their children. Period agad and nothing else, kaya bitin. Now why do I post this topic? Well, I've notice kasi, that Marlene always bring the issue about her being a writer. If that is true, well I am a bookworm and I can't possibly live my life or let me rephrase it better...I can't imagine myself without a book at my side, or in my bed. I really am a book fiend and no one at home can contest that part. So I can truly say that in my years of frequent visits to browse/look for good reads at NBS, I never saw her book until now, not even at Filbar's where I always in the hunt of resales and discounted books. So she's a writer , and not only yesterday did I notice that in her interviews the topic always segue from Jason to her being a writer, her being the wife of blah, about the US blah, about the lover blah. Watch this link. My God, Jason's life and future is at stake here because he is a suspected killer, [who's been wounded in a recent raid...] and it's quite annoying whenever the topic veers away from Jason. She's there to speak about how Jason is as a son and how she brought up Jason and what pushed Jason to go wild and fought with frenzied rage during the raid. She also mentioned "if you are a ranger, sira ka na lang kung..." more or less we know what follows here or whatever she wants to convey. Eh talaga namang pag sinabing ranger ka di ba? It means a lot because to be one, you'll have to go through a lot of challenging trainings on surprise attacks among other things. And it holds true, he did give them [NBI] a ten minute fight. And according to news, Jason even shouted Kill me! Kill me! Going back she also said..."Aguilar ako"...for me it's something na parang off but what's in a name? Of course everyone should love their names, like ako Aquino rin ako pero am not bragging kasi there's nothing naman for me to brag in the first place. Am just an ordinary person. Buti sana kung si Kris Aquino pa ko. But Kris never naman say na Aquino siya with some air of being cocky or whatever. Correction...I never said anyone is cocky. The thing is, what's more important is to live in such a way that you'll never become a nuisance or rather you choose to be a blessing instead to everybody or sa society...but that's next to impossible naman talaga. So that leaves us not to try to do things that will only put us in bad light or just go off the deep end heedlessly. For we are the lone accountable and or responsible in every action we will make or do.

Being a mother
takes a lot of pain. Like me for example, I chose to quit my studies because of my two kids then. That's the turning point in my young life as a mother. I wanted to be a teacher, I was in my 3rd year college when my eldest asked me to stay at home. That they wanted me to be the first person who would greet them when they arrived from school. So out of great love I did quit schooling. They're growing and I wanted to be with them the whole time. Their growing years are most important. They'll carry those lessons they learn each day until they grow old. They must figure out what is right and what is wrong. And we mothers are one of the guiding posts. Now that they are all grown ups...I can truly say that I am blest. I am blest because now I can see them the way I wanted them to be a better person...they might not be the very best, but they are not someone who'd be considered as worse. But because they are my kids...for me they are the best. Like Marlene, Jason will forever be beautiful in her eyes, just like what she said in the interview. I don't condemn Marlene for loving too much...but in all honesty as a mother...may kulang, may mali somewhere...and she has to find it. She has to make up for that, she has to deal with that if she really loves Jason that much, because something is searing Jason emotionally.
And I do believe that if ever the court will be able to point their accusing fingers on Jason, without a whiff of doubt, then Marlene will have to eat her words...saying wala siyang dapat ipanghingi ng sorry kahit kanino. Well..still, the court will decide on this matter with the help of the evidences submitted against Jason. The latest is about the slugs that killed Ebarle Jr. Let's see what's next.

PS/Bakit ba dito sa Pinas if we ask some professional advice of a shrink, they'd assume na may topak na tayo or tililing? Ako if only I have some extra money in my pocket I would love to visit one.

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