Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey, keep it bowlin' ! :)

Looking back...I can truly say that I had been blest way too much, not to mention some not so good things that happened along the way. In a way it do dampen me a bit but I always try to get back to my old form, I've mastered the way to get back and be resilient as ever. That's the main thing I's really pointless to remain sulking. There's a magic formula I can guarantee everyone, the four magic words when something not so good happen, just...Hush and Stay put!

I thank the LORD for making me stronger and making my life worthwhile to live.

***HUGS*** to everyone and CHEERS! Happy New Year to all....!!!

PS/ To keep it easier for my reader, I came up with the idea of translating some idioms into simpler words... I love using idioms and some of them [readers] told me they were having a hard time perusing my post with some words I love to use. So came that idea of defining some words I will use.

keep it bowling - to cheer and tell someone to stay positive
peruse - to read


  1. i haven't been visiting in a while.. dropping by some love.. :) i love your idioms mommy! *mwah*

  2. hay...salamat at may nakapuna rin na sobrang addicted ko using idioms... :)


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