Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is it! For one thing I love Travis Payne from the off since he was one of Michael's aces behind who'd been so much of a good help as his long time choreographer. My gee, he's now an instrument to make it possible for these Cebu inmates to shine more around the net globally. This is history. No one ever imagine this could really happen. A collaboration of MJ dancers and the now famous Cebu prisoners. And best of all...a simple duplicate of Michael's dance video huh?! This is amazing...I have goose flesh all over while watching this one. Btw, I am a Michael Jackson fanatic!

Kudoz! Imagine teaching throngs of inmates?! The people behind this great idea deserves the accolades they are receiving right now. They're touching lives here and there!

Fly high inmates!

The Icon...

PS/ ...my apology , the new video has been removed but you can watch it directly via you tube.

The lyric's here...

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