Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mother and son in crossfire...

This news about Marlene and Jason Ivler has been hugging the limelight for some times already and I couldn't help but give my two cents worth though I tried not to from the start. What pushed me to write this was the mother in me. One thing I've learned from my life experiences and has become my motto was ...we're not here to condemn anybody. Alright, we each have our own ways and beliefs to apply in our lives, and it's our own choice how to discipline our own children in such a way we find it better. We all know and I do believe that no parents would ever wish that kind of life to their child. I mean the life Jason is up at the moment. Been tagged as "suspected killer'...with concrete evidences pinning him down, gone into hiding, the manhunt and the reward, and had been nosed out and wounded from gunshots in recent arrest right at her own house, that can only be defined as coddling a fugitive...making you an accomplice. I don't think I would ever imagine myself at Marlene's shoes [no matter how she lives in style or moneyed if ever] witnessing how armed agents' ransacking the house with guns aiming at her beloved son. That's hard to imagine...knock wood. I wouldn't be as brave as she was. I'm calling her brave because as a mother, when I saw that arrest video, I simply cowered. What if Jason died? But what about Ebarle Jr's untimely death and the agony the mother is still going through? Those words that came out of Marlene's that “I don’t believe I have any apologies to make. We do not decide who lives or dies. You know that is the choice of heaven” ...these selfish words numbed me and I felt sorry for her conviction as a mother. That's selfishness. That's beyond the true essence of being a good mother that pleases God's eye. This is gross, [hindi po lahat ng bagay sa buhay natin ay naayon sa fate, minsan ay kagagawan ito ng mga taong wala sa hustong pag-iisip at nandadamay ng inosenteng kapwa, kaya mali po na ito'y isiping God's will]. How could she have said it without blinking, when the whole world is now up against them? I think it could have been better if she only remain low-keyed. Better if she's gone more sympathetic and more compassionate. What if she's wrong about Jason's innocence? Mother knows best? Not all the time I guess. Best of all, we can throw this "the wife's always the last one to know...", you can delete the word wife and put the mother instead. And saying about how nice Ampatuan is, more so put herself in bad light now that the man is receiving a lot of condemnation out of that Maguindanao heinous massacre. They only met and talked for say some short hours. The evidences is ten against one...but we have to follow our existing rules of law. To side with the man who's at the center of the trial of the century is a sure suicide. Why not try switching paradigms for a moment, putting herself in Mrs. Ebarle's shoes? Bakit di siya magbasa ng dyaryo...or broadsheets and gather facts before spurting some uncaring ideas or opinion? She said she's a writer, so at least she knew how to tame herself verbally now that they are in the offensive situation...and we have to wait for the court to present the verdict that they are innocent. Prove them wrong. But for now, the verdict of the great mass of people is up against her Jason. Am sure naman she's very articulate so she definitely knows about the Miranda doctrine, that anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

It could have been better...! Her son is very talented not only the looks. Yesterday, I consumed a lot of time browsing the news about them via internet. I read everything about them and I stumbled upon Jsin, Jason's rap music in you tube. He has got talent in rapping and I believe if not this bad incident, he could have gone far in music. The video is not as nice but if thoroughly polished it could swing high in the music chart. I remember FrancisM. Jason could have been a great filler if only this things didn't ever happen.

Words to ponder...every unpleasant behavior we have done will come back to bite us later...!

Am sure every mother would wish only the best for their kids. Now it's a matter of how we will mold them. But one thing we have to put in mind...that too much of everything is not that good as what we might think of. Too much love given to compensate for the hours spent outside while the child was left at home with their nannies is not a sure thing. Mothers should apply enough hands on interaction with their children no matter how busy they might be. For we are to be blamed for what ever misbehavior our children will have...coz mothers are tasked to be molders.

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